People Share 112 Gifts They Got That Made Them Laugh (New Pics)

Gift giving is such an important part of the holiday season (thanks, capitalist society!) that it’s basically a blessing and a curse at the same time. As much joy as it was supposed to give, it often stresses us out to the point of a festive burnout. And instead of recharging our batteries, we fail the endurance test, numbing all this anxiety with one too many Cosmos.

Or, you just don’t take it seriously. In fact, there are people who refuse to play the safe card when giving gifts altogether as they take the absurdity to a whole new level. The result is some of the most hilarious Christmas gifts you’ve seen and some are so ingenious, it’s plain awesome. This time, Bored Panda combined a list of the things Santas-turned-trolls brought home this Christmas, so scroll down for your ultimate amusement.

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#1 For Christmas This Year, My 97-Year-Old Grammy Gave Us A Calendar With Photoshopped Pictures Of Herself For Each Month

Image credits: FireRetrall

#2 Goals

Image credits: hilary_l072

#3 My Dad Couldn’t Breathe When He Handed Me This

Image credits: ellomelissa

After being deprived of Christmas last year, with many people spending the holidays in their small social bubbles without their closest family members due to the worldwide pandemic, this year was a catch-up we were all looking forward to. The sheer joy of being able to hug your loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time is something that made it worth the wait.

Morgan Cue, the representative at Moonpig, shared a couple of insights with Bored Panda about how people celebrated Christmas this year. After the pandemic put our Christmas spirit to the test, it became clear that nothing can ruin the long traditions of how we celebrate it. “Many individuals are now determined to celebrate the festive season and make up for lost time,” Morgan said.

#4 My Grandma Said She Only Got Me Pizza For Christmas

Image credits: Creepercraft110

#5 A+ Parent

Image credits: Sommers_DJ

#6 Christmas Card For The Cat

Image credits: katemccabesays

Moonpig has recently done an illuminating study into what Christmas traditions are the most popular in 2021. The data collected in this study was based on a survey on Christmas preparation time. The survey took place in October 2021 and questioned 1,007 UK adults. “Whether your favorite Christmas film is Elf, Home Alone or the Grinch, Christmas movies have found their place as a Christmas tradition, with 17% of respondents looking forward to grabbing the popcorn and getting cosy on the sofa this year,” Morgan said.

Meanwhile, the most prevalent festive traditions are somewhat expected⁠—spending time with family (28%) and eating Christmas dinner (25%). However, people seem to have become less excited with age-old traditions like putting a pie out for Father Christmas (4%) and kissing under the mistletoe (2%).

#7 I Asked My Husband To Take On Some Christmas Cards This Year. My Sister Just Sent Me This Picture Of What He Wrote

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Image credits: sorrygordon

#8 My Niece Told Me This Was Her Favorite Christmas Present

Image credits: badboygargar

#9 One Of My Best Friends Just Gave Me This Blanket For Christmas. I Had To Take A Picture With The Featured Star

Image credits: got_the_ging

#10 I Turned A Picture Of My Labrador Pooping Into A Puzzle, Gave It To My Dad For Christmas As A White Elephant Gift

He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Image credits: RPerkins2

#11 Shirtception – My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 8

Image credits: GeorgieWashington

#12 Christmas Present From The Brother-In-Law Who Is A Fabricator. There Is No Trick, It Doesn’t Come Out

Image credits: 2manybogeys

#13 Christmas Card For My Girlfriend, She Wasn’t Impressed

Image credits: Grnwd

#14 My Brother Collects “Action Figures”, I’m Going To Surprise Him For Christmas With This Work Of Art

Image credits: MudButtMcGee

#15 I Made These Ornaments For All The Members Of My Family For Christmas. Merry Plaguemas

Image credits: TheAntiGhost

#16 My Brother Got Our Mammy This Toilet Brush For Christmas. It Was By Far Her Favorite Present

Image credits: munkijunk

#17 The Way He Looks At Her

Image credits: Discipline__Daddy

#18 My Wife Is Way Too Amused At My Sister’s Gift To Me

Image credits: TheIndulgery

#19 I Was Gifted 5 Pounds Of Unshelled Pistachios For Christmas

Image credits: imyellingloudly

#20 For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas

Image credits: Tenten32321

#21 My Wife Accidentally Called Wrapping Paper “Rapper Paper” In The Car The Other Day. I Understood The Assignment

Image credits: orbdep

#22 Gift Of “Cold Hard Cash”

Image credits: ButLikeaCoolMom

#23 We Exchanged Mugs For Christmas And Got Our Friend One With A Meme She Made Of Her Husband

Image credits: AdriftAlchemist

#24 My Daughter Gave My Son A Signed Picture Of Herself For Christmas

Image credits: Nomad-Rambler

#25 My Husband Posing With The Pillow I Had Made For Him Of Our Cat For Christmas

Image credits: metalmolly

#26 Some Of You Out There May Recall That In 2016 I Played An Excellent Christmas Prank On My Long-Suffering Dad. It Worked A Treat

Image credits: mcjude

#27 Last Year I Forgot To Get Batteries For My Niece’s Toy So This Year She Got Me This

Image credits: panoparker

#28 My Wife Asked For Christmas Presents Under 2 Euro

Image credits: g_ownt

#29 Apparently, I Said I Wanted An Ugly Christmas Sweater And I Completely Forgot That I Said It. But My Sister Remembered, And She Got Me One, And I Have To Smile

Image credits: DoYuNoDaWae6321

#30 I Had An Iasip Blanket Made For My Husband For Christmas It Was Delivered Today And I Am Obsessed With How It Came Out

Image credits: WalterTheHedgehog

#31 My Future Mother-In-Law Made Me This Shirt For Christmas. I Love It. Even Has A Pocket

Image credits: lingering_POO

#32 I Bought This From Goodwill For $1 And Definitely Saving It To Gift My Brother On X-Mas

Image credits: marmaladejar

#33 I Just Found The Perfect Christmas Present For My Husband. He’s Going To Hate It

I always pester my husband to eat bananas for his leg cramps. I tried to get him to eat one last night when he was watching Netflix. He was already irritated as every movie suggestion starred Nicholas Cage and he doesn’t like him. 

Image credits: seriphae

#34 My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas

I’m 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said “What? It’s not like anyone else is going to see your sheets” and now I don’t know if that was ignorance, an insult or innocence…

Image credits: JohnnyCenter

#35 Friend Of Mine Is A Welder, Here’s His Present For His Boss

Image credits: R4N63R

#36 Husband Asked For A Mousepad For Christmas. So Got Him One With My Face Put In Images, Think It Turned Out Nice

Image credits: db05820p

#37 Oliver Got A Christmas Gift

Image credits: cfatt

#38 I Made My Own Christmas Cards This Year. Thought I’d Get To The Point

Image credits: callmescotty

#39 One Of My Husband’s Gifts Wasn’t Going To Ship On Time So I Improvised On The Delivery

Image credits: PeaterEater

#40 My Brother-In-Law And I Each Got Each Other Adidas Tracksuits For Christmas

Image credits: daddjokes

#41 Years Ago, My Sister And Mom Started An “Ugly Ornament” Exchange Each Xmas

They’d try to find the ugliest ornaments they could and give one to each other. It’s been hysterical to see what they come up with each year. I present to you a thread… starting with a TV Dinner.

Image credits: juliamordaunt

#42 As A New(Ish) Homeowner, I Asked My Parents For Some Yard Equipment For Christmas. They Had Me Guessing About This One All The Way Until The End

Image credits: taylor5479

#43 Best Christmas Gift Ever

Image credits: just_some_dude05

#44 We Celebrated Xmas Late. This Was My Gift From My Brother. He Really Does Get Me

Image credits: Volitile_Star330

#45 My Parents Got My Cardboard Cutout Tonight, For My First Christmas Away From Home

I work in COVID facilities in dementia care. I’m not even an hour from them but it feels like light-years.

Image credits: scout610

#46 The Way I Wrapped My Boyfriend’s Christmas Present

Image credits: niC00L

#47 What Do I Have Here? Found This While Moving, My Little Brother Got It For Me Back In 2014 As A Gag Christmas Gift. Ahead Of His Times

Image credits: ChemE_Girl_

#48 Me And My Girlfriend Got Each Other The Exact Same Gift For Christmas

Image credits: martinvarleite

#49 I Made These For My Man The First Year We Were Together For Christmas

Image credits: Iibii

#50 This Temperature Revealing Coffee Mug My Wife Got Me For Christmas. Dis Feels Good

Image credits: I_Want_My_Pizza_Jeff

#51 My Spouse Told Her Mother That I Collect Silver Spoons For Tasting Food While I Cook. My Christmas Present Just Arrived

Image credits: designmur

#52 My Brother Got A Shirt For Christmas

Image credits: knochback

#53 I Once Implied That I Like Subway. Everyone I Know Got Me One Of These For Xmas. I Now Have $250 Worth

Image credits: MethylMercury

#54 Started Wrapping Christmas Presents Early This Year. Thought You All Would Enjoy

Image credits: Ahnte

#55 Every Year My Husband Adds One Outrageous Gift To His Christmas List. This Year Was A $1k Pair Of Metallic Sneakers. My Mom Delivered With These Customized “New Balance-Iagas”

He loves them.

Image credits: CookieDeville

#56 My Mom Got Me The Nicholas Cage Pillow For Christmas

Image credits: tottaly_not_masters

#57 Happy Christmas. Only 72 Hours Left Of Downloading To Play The Game He Got For Christmas This Morning

Image credits: Tom_piddle

#58 Told My Family Not To Get Me Anything, So They Put This On My Present

Image credits: tannerntannern

#59 I Recently Told My GF About My Love For ’80s Glam Shots. I Wasn’t Prepared For Her Christmas Gift

Image credits: TheKurtschatorium

#60 I Got My Girl A Switch, Headphones, And A Book On Toasts. She Got Me A Shirt That Says “I Lose Weight” In Japanese. Merry Xmas Everyone

Image credits: McLovinPants

#61 My Mom Works With Dachshund Rescue, This Is One Of Her Xmas Gifts, Hahaha

Image credits: iammello2

#62 Created This Mini A.W.E.S.O.M.- O As A Joke Gift For My Dad On X-Mas

Image credits: sjjcottle

#63 My Wife Knows Me So Well She Accidentally Got Me The Same A Christmas Gift Two Years In A Row

Image credits: mdavis360

#64 The Girlfriend Got Me This Gem For Christmas

Image credits: swagpizzazza

#65 Built My Wife A Snowman Out Of Her Presents 2.0

Image credits: meh35m

#66 My Brother Is A Dentist And That’s What I Got From Him For Christmas (To His Credit, The City Was In Lockdown)

Image credits:

#67 My Daughter Crocheted Me A Blanket For Xmas – I Think I Corrupted Her

Image credits: Bethgelert

#68 12 Years In, I Just Got The Best Christmas Present From One Of My Students

Image credits: BarnabyJonezz

#69 My Parents Are Trolls

Last gift I got from them. Two spray bottles with money in them. Each bill folded into a football (American). 


My dad said he looked at multiple types of bottles so he could get the bulls in but they would be a challenge to get out. I was instructed I couldn’t smash the bottles. So I didn’t. Tedious but not difficult. Only needed tweezers a couple of times.


$100 total. Love my parents. We enjoy trolling one another when we can, but especially at Christmas.

Image credits: DillPixels

#70 When You And Your Husband Have Great Taste

Together for 8 years and it finally happened, we bought each other the same thing!

Image credits: surfscooter

#71 My Dogs Christmas Present Every Year

Image credits: wss1252

#72 My Friends Sent Me A Christmas Card With Their Kid’s Foot On It. I Don’t Have A Kid, So This Is What They’re Getting Back

Image credits: heyjupiter123

#73 I Got Rick Rolled For Christmas By My Parents And Little Brother

Image credits: Alvin_Whee

#74 The Sweatshirt A Coworker Gifted Me For Christmas

Image credits: cafeconleche2019

#75 Just Got This As A Secret Santa Gift At Work. Colleague Knew I Was A Seinfeld Fan And Photoshopped This Existing By Pic With My Wife. Gold Jerry. Gold

Image credits: daniklein780

#76 My Daughter Is Obsessed With Horses, But I Obviously Can’t Afford To Buy Her One. Bought Her A Gift Card For Riding Lessons And Wrapped It Like This

Image credits: TerraformerDev

#77 Some Gifts From Grandma And Grandpa Respectively

Image credits: dcisgold

#78 So I Asked My Wife To Get Me The SNES Mini For My Christmas Present. Should Have Specified It More Clearly

It was also accompanied with a note: “I know you like to play with something small”. Hahaha, luckily she also hid my real present in another box.

Image credits: VidE27

#79 This Has Appeared Under The Christmas Tree

Image credits: CatsLovingCats

#80 I Wonder What My Parents Got Me For Christmas

Image credits: Mmmsprite

#81 Christmas Gift. He Only Wanted Stuff For His Phone This Year

Image credits:

#82 Science Teacher Secret Santa 3 Years In A Row

Image credits: Unbroken-anchor

#83 I Got A Friggin Bread Pillow For An Early Christmas Gift

Image credits: fun_lover2008

#84 Wrapped My Dad’s Christmas Gift Last Night

Image credits: Calusthenics_V2

#85 My Little Cousin Got Beer Pong And A Lottery Ticket In Our Family Gift Exchange

Image credits: JoZaJaB

#86 Really Proud Of My Kids’ Teachers’ Christmas Gifts This Year. We Embraced The 2020 Theme

Image credits: mere1234567

#87 My Husband Surprised Me With The Most Perfect Late Christmas Gift

Image credits: annonne

#88 Someone Is Not Excited About Their Gift

Image credits: bmkeck

#89 Funny Christmas Gift

Image credits: wanderingheartist

#90 It Is A Gift

Image credits: Leelum

#91 I Got A PS5 For Christmas This Year

Image credits: Sm0k3turt13

#92 My Sister Is Too Funny, This Just Arrived In The Mail. Merry Xmas

Image credits:

#93 This Christmas My Grandparents Got In One The Joke And Got Me A Bear Statue

My family gave me the nickname Bear when I was young and I’ve gone by that name for nearly 20 years. This name has prompted them to give me a lot of bear-related stuff I.E T-shirt’s, sweaters, cups. 

Image credits: burrcook

#94 I Buy Nan A Slab (Case) Of Beer Every Xmas. It’s The Only Present We’ll Buy Anyone Each Year Guaranteed To Be What They Want. Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: aussiefox84

#95 I Asked For Slippers For Christmas. My Wife Heard. No Joke, But Still Funny

Image credits: frustwrited

#96 My Evil Present To My Son

Image credits: peekajinx

#97 My Brother Wanted Call Of Duty For Christmas. But It Was Sold Out. Since I Know He Loves Video Games, I’ve Asked The Clerk Which Is The One Every Boy Wants

Image credits: N3croscope

#98 One Of My Favorite Christmas Gifts This Year

Image credits: lurlur25

#99 Me And The Guys Got Matching Pajamas Last Christmas, Hope It’s Not Too Late To Share

Image credits: Quickster2099

#100 13 Years Ago Me And My Buddy Got Up At 3 Am To Gift Wrap Our Friend’s Truck For Christmas. It Ended A Christmas Prank War On A Shear Level Of Scale

Image credits: deldertime

#101 My Dad Gave Me $50 For Christmas, In $2 Bills

Image credits: jharth43

#102 Xmas Gift My Bro-In-Law Made

Image credits: Guinnessisameal

#103 My Now Wife And Mother Of My Children, When We First Met, She Was Over Me Playing MW3 So Much So I Bought Her A T-Shirt For X-Mas

Now every year for 10 years I have bought her my favorite game Tee every year much to her delight!

Image credits: Astrix13

#104 Everyone At Work Got An Amazing Heartfelt Gifts For Secret Santa And I Got A Bottle Of Car Detailer As A Joke

Image credits: PennyLaneTheBeagle

#105 Just Used A Bath Bomb I Got For Christmas And Now The Bath Looks Like Piss

Image credits: GoogleError404

#106 Sister Got Me A 1lbs Bag Of Sour Lollies For Xmas. Only She Wrapped Each Lolly Individually. 1 Hour Of Unwrapping

Image credits: multaz

#107 Friend Sent Me The Only Christmas Gift I’ll Ever Need

Image credits: carodjah_

#108 Since The Anniversary Is Coming Up, I Figured I Would Post My Christmas Present From My Best Friend Last Year

To make it better, I had salmonella when this video came out. Enjoy.

Image credits: alpohh

#109 I’m Back With Another Inconveniently Packaged Steam Card For My Brother-In-Law. Merry Christmas

Image credits: KingJak117

#110 Further Evidence My Wife’s Boss Has A Sense Of Humor. This Is Her Christmas Card

Image credits: UnforcedErrer

#111 Funny Christmas Gift. Dog Carrier

Image credits: morganb38

#112 My Brother Wanted A Gift Card For Christmas

Image credits: murdocktheavg


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