People Share 37 Small Subtle Things About Wealthy People That Scream They Are Insanely Rich

What another person has in their bank account is absolutely none of my business. But if you’re a particularly nosy panda, there might be a few ways you can get an idea of how much your friends have stashed away.

One curious Reddit user recently posed the question, “What’s a non-obvious sign someone is rich?”, and plenty of people weighed in with their thoughts. From casually having expensive hobbies to always keeping quiet about their finances, we’ve gathered some of the telltale signs that someone might be wealthy down below. Enjoy reading through this discussion, and be sure to upvote the subtle indications of affluence you’ve noticed in people you know personally.

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They wear very nice clothing without any brand identification.

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Quality of the food they eat.

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They are quiet when the discussion is about cost of living pressures, and will deflect the questions from themselves and/or nudge the conversation into a different direction

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Alteration. Their clothes fit perfectly because they don’t expect things off the rack to fit perfectly they have someone alter them to fit perfectly.

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I used to have a running buddy who was very rich. For me, the non-obvious sign were the books on his bookcase. They weren’t books to be read. They were investments. He told me once that if somebody tried to rob his place, they might go for the big TV, but they should go for the bookshelf.

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The value of their time. Simple fixes one could do on their own are paid for, and someone else will do them.

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They have a certain ease with which they move about the world that you have to see to understand.

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In my experience as a waiter in a fine dining establishment, they treat you like a normal f*****g human.

Not sure if my boss coined the term, but a “100k millionaire” will treat you like you’re just “the help” and make you feel like less of a person…

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They’re too young to be retired, yet they don’t seem to go to work.

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Casually having expensive hobbies. Stuff like sailing, skiing, and golfing. Especially in areas where those activities aren’t as accessible and if they’ve been doing it for a long time. You live in the Midwest but you’ve been surfing since you were 10? Probably rich.

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They are usually not wearing anything tacky or too fashionable. Just well made clothing that last a long time. They may have a luxury car but it’s not a new one and it’s not red.

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They don’t have luggage when taking a flight.

So many wealthy people have multiple homes with separate wardrobes at each. To just jump on a plane with no carry on bags must be a dream lol

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I’m in NYC and I will say, a plastic-looking face on a guy who is > 50 years old. No one has no blemishes and lines and perfect teeth after a certain age, without some medical intervention, and mostly only rich people spend money on so much cosmetic stuff (though I notice women of lower income brackets will get stuff, but men usually wait until they’re rich to do it)

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They go out of their way to eat meals with fresh vegetables. And not just corn or tomatoes either.

It’s an odd one, but I have noticed the wealthier friends I have eat differently than the middle class friends I have.

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Might live what you would assume is normal and relative to what you do, but gets yard work done, has house cleaners, etc. If they have constant workers in house, they probably are ok.

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If their couches don’t touch the wall

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Most of the time, they will stay quiet about money, but never balk when presented with a bill

They will be very selective in those they choose to be friends with, for various legal reasons.

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Lots of vacations


They don’t look at the price tag when shopping

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Real generational wealth keeps an extremely low profile.

They have no digital footprint. They actually pay people to keep information about them off the internet, and out of any publications.

They will keep a low profile, driving cars that blend in. Nice, reliable vehicles, but nothing too flashy.

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Teeth are a subtle sign. You can tell when someone’s gone to the dentist multiple times a year their entire lives, and that’s an expensive habit. Their parents had the money to establish that routine when they were young, they had the money to keep it up, and they’re not too busy or poor to sacrifice something so cosmetic as the pearliness of their whites.

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Keeps consistently investing even in bad economic times

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Quiet confidence because they rarely hear the word “no”


Minimalist homes. I don’t know why…but rich people like the simple asthetic which honestly doesn’t feel homey. They’d rather live with very few things.

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Never talks about money.

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Friend worked in real estate. They said they identify people with money/good credit by looking at their tires when they pull in. Clean tires with good tread left on them, probably a good prospective client so the senior staff should handle it. Dirty tires almost bald, hand it to the new guys cause it is gonna be a ton footwork to get them approved.


The main difference between people with money and people without money is how they react to money-related emergencies.

If your bike got stolen, a poor person will understand how much of a problem this can be for you, because poor people understand a bicycle to be your method of transportation that you need to run errands and perhaps sustain your ability to work, which in turn sustains your life. They may also understand that it’s difficult for you to replace the bike. A well-to-do person would say “ah well, why don’t you just buy a new bike?” because, to them, a bicycle is just a fun exercise toy that is non-essential (they probably have a car) and is easy to replace.

The wealthier someone is, the bigger you can scale up this money-related emergency. I have the money not to care too much if my bike was stolen, but I don’t have the money to not be stressed out if my car was stolen, but at some level of wealth, that’s a thing.


Everyone else losing their jobs? Cars all of a sudden costing double what they did before? Inflation making your money feel useless? Eggs become a luxury item?

None of that changes anything about their spending habits. They carry on as if nothing has happened. They never bother commenting on it. They just go on getting a new Volvo every 3 years, having 2 eggs for breakfast, buying the prime steak at the grocery store. They were never particularly flashy before, but their conspicuous lack of panic speaks volumes about their financial security.

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For me, it’s a few things..

1) Their neighborhood has lacrosse fields for the kids

2) It’s an old, kind of big house, with a gravel driveway. Bonus points if they have parking near the street in a little gravel parking space

3) “I summer in….”

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Really wealthy people don’t need to “prove” they are wealthy. If your insanely wealthy a 500k private yacht charter isn’t special. For people trying to be rich they flaunt it to show how wealthy they are.

Really rich people are not desperate (generally) for your admiration because they ARE wealthy. Their friends don’t give a s**t if your on a 500k a week charter they probably are too.

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Went to a good university but is kind of dumb

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They wear natural fibres.


Isn’t crying

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Based upon a real experience, he is the dirty farmer with a broken down truck that just paid the mechanic $3,000 in hundred dollar bills to repair a grain silo, while sitting in a restaurant that has his picture on the wall behind the cash register.

Or it they guy that isn’t showing off and trying to keep up with the neighbors.

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Their watch


Luxury station wagon. I grew up in a rich area and these families are so wealthy they don’t need to flaunt their wealth, they can drive a 80k station wagon and act like it’s nothing.

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They travel off the beaten path for some obscure hobby.

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