People Share Screenshots Of Amazon And Other Companies’ Customer Service Employees Flirting With Them (14 Pics)

Working in customer service has its ups and downs. You get to help a lot of interesting people, but on the flip side, your job can be a bit boring or unfulfilling at times. However, even if things get tough, customers expect you to remain professional at all times. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing that, as Twitter user Roxana showed everyone.

She posted a few screenshots that showed how an Amazon customer service guy started flirting with her while helping her out with her query. Turns out, Roxana isn’t the only one to have been in a situation like this—others posted their own encounters with flirty customer service personnel, both from Amazon and elsewhere.

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Twitter user Roxana shared what an Amazon customer service employee did while helping her out

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Others shared their own tales of how Amazon employees flirted with them

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Roxana’s thread was wildly popular. With over 305k likes, more than 21.5k retweets, and 1.6k quote tweets in just a few days, she reached a sizeable chunk of Twitter with her story.

We’re pretty darn sure that Amazon (or any of the other companies Twitter users mentioned in the thread) doesn’t pay its employees to flirt at work. So what does Amazon expect from its customer service associates?

“Our associates are bright, articulate, and detail-oriented with a genuine desire to find solutions to customer problems. We are seeking action-oriented, flexible problem-solvers to assist customers in expediting orders and correcting post-sale problems,” Amazon boasts about the qualities that their associates working in 130 locations in 40+ countries ought to have.

Meanwhile, Harver points out that the top 5 qualities expected from professional customer service employees include emotional intelligence, humility, being tech-savvy, patience, and good listening skills.

So while it’s important to connect with customers on an emotional level and to be empathetic, it’s also vital to draw a line when it comes to potentially romantic behavior. The same goes for customers who might try flirting with customer service employees, too: it’s best to keep things professional and avoid making anyone uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users showed proof that some customer service employees from other companies tried flirting with them, too

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