People Share Screenshots Of Unbelievable Roommates That Might Scare You Away From Living With Someone

Sharing a home with someone can be a great way to save money on rent and utilities, but it can also push you to the very edge of your limits.

The subreddit ‘Choosing Beggars‘, a place where people shame those who are being way too picky when asking for things, has plenty of types of recurring characters. There’s the shameless parent who uses their child’s birthday as leverage for negotiation, the art “critic” who lowballs every piece they get their eyes on, and many, many more.

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But among these infamous personas, roommates are arguably one of the most frustrating. Whether it’s disagreements over household chores, personal space, or guest policies, they have the ability to quickly become a painful source of stress.

#1 Thought You Guys Might Enjoy This

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#2 Facebook Cb Wants Roommate To Pay More Rent Because She Makes More

Image credits: ItchyDonkin

Chances are that if we do not become kinder to one another, there will be many more similar screenshots. American adults are increasingly sharing a home with other adults with whom they are not romantically involved.

This arrangement, known as “doubling up” or shared living, gained notice in the wake of the Great Recession, and the prevalence of shared living has continued to grow since.

#3 Roomates Response To Me Asking About The Electricity Bill She Hasn’t Paid In Months (That’s In My Name, Leaving Me With The Debt)

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#4 My Old Roommate Wanted Money To Buy Cat Food, But Not Actual Cat Food

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#5 Looking For A Roommate: I’m Quite Easy-Going

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While the rise in shared living during and immediately after the recession was attributed in large part to a growing number of Millennials moving back in with their parents, the longer-term increase has been partially explained by a different phenomenon: parents moving in with their adult children.

In 2017, for example, nearly 79 million American adults (31.9% of the entire adult population) lived in a shared household. For comparison, in 1995, the earliest year with comparable data, the number stood at just 55 million (28.8%), and in 2004, at the peak of homeownership and before the onset of the home foreclosure crisis, 27.4% of adults shared a household.

#6 Roommate Doesn’t Buy Own Groceries, Complains About What I Buy

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#7 My Ex-Roommate, After 2 Months Of Leaving Piles Of Stuff At My Place, Finally Returns To Pick It Up

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#8 *Asks Roommate To Pay Utilities Bill That Is 9 Days Past Due*

Image credits: SpiritedDesk

#9 The Gag Is…she Had Already Eaten All My Hash Browns The Night Before, This Text Was Just An Attempt To Cover Her Ass!

Image credits: Depth-Immediate

The nearly 79 million adults living in a shared household include about 25 million who own or rent the household. An additional 10 million are the spouse or unmarried partner of the head of the household.

Another 40 million, or 16% of all adults, are the “extra adult” in the shared household. This share of living in someone else’s household is up from 14% in 1995.

#10 Live Away Roommate

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#11 Seeking Female Roommate: Rent Will Be On A Sliding Scale Depending On Your Looks

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#12 Had To Text My Roommates This Because Of What They Did. Came Home To My Cat Trapped In The Bathroom Yowling

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#13 No Loud Music, But My Music Will Be Loud

Image credits: kfjsport24

In 2017, just 18% of extra adults lived in a household in which the head was unrelated (typically a housemate or roommate).

Interestingly, living with nonrelatives has become less prevalent since 1995, when 22% of extra adults were doing it.

#14 My Freeloading “Roommate” When I Asked That He Fill The Amount Of Gas Back Up In My Car That He Used To Go See His Boyfriend

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#15 Looking For A Girlfriend, Iq Under 130 Need Not Apply. Roommate Too

Image credits: TomW7_

#16 Roommate Cancelled Netflix. Time To Move!

Image credits: tementnoise

#17 I Want A Naked Female Roommate And A Room At Half The Market Rate For My City

Image credits: expensivecocktail

With so many adults living together, Apartment Guide conducted a survey of over 1,000 Americans to learn what determines a good and bad match.

According to the findings, people who had more than one roomie were less satisfied with their living situations than those with just one. Also:

  • People living with their friends, family (32%), and co-workers were the most likely to be happy with their roommates;
  • People living with an acquaintance were the least satisfied with their living situation;
  • Living with one other roommate who happens to be related to you is the most satisfying roommate situation.

#18 College Girl Is Looking For A Roommate But Is Homophobic/Transphobic, Rude, Wants Silence Almost 24/7 And Overall Has Unrealistic Expectations. (I Wonder Who Her Roommate Ended Up Being… And If She’s Still Sane)

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#19 Room Mate Refuses To Take Any Less Than 1 Hour + In The Shower With 5 Of Us Living Here

Image credits: LukeIVI

#20 Free Non Working Roommate. What A Deal

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#21 Roommate Wanted Free Coffee

Image credits: Debaclypse

41% percent of people identified keeping shared spaces clean as the top source of tension between roommates.

The topic of cleanliness was highest among people living with friends (47%), followed by strangers (43%), acquaintances (42%), and family (32%).

Paying rent (9%), communication (7%), and violating boundaries (7%) were the next biggest issues between roommates.

#22 Looking For Roommate To Pay Rent And Not Be In Apartment

Image credits: JimiShmendrix

#23 This 34 Year Old Op Who Doesn’t Have A Car, Refuses To Take The Bus, And Thinks He Can Take His Roommate’s Car Whenever He Wants Because She Was Nice Enough To Let Him Borrow It Sometimes. I Hate People Like This

Image credits: Forever_Anxious

#24 My Roommate Spent Her Paycheck Too Fast Again, So I Offered To Get Us Liquor. It Devolved Into This

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#25 My Search For A Roommate Has Been An Exhausting One ?

Image credits: snotnosedbabe

Nearly 47% of people surveyed were friends with their roommates before moving in together, but only 32% were satisfied with their current living arrangements. So just because you get along with someone doesn’t mean you’ll be compatible.

#26 My Roommate Can’t Read

Image credits: rocinante_donnager

#27 My Roommate Thinks I Should Pay For Things I Had No Idea They Were Buying

Image credits: Fml2023

#28 My Landlord/ Roommate’s Mood Swings, He Ate My Last Left Breads, Gave Me 20 Bucks And Apologized Next Day, Sent That Annoying Text Day After That

Image credits: BulkyB

#29 Cb Gets So Mad About Roommate Buying Store Brand Garbage Bags That She Felt The Need To Come To A Fb Group For Advice

Image credits: odeorain

#30 Roommate Invited A Random Girl Who Doesn’t Pay Rent And Isn’t On The Lease To Live At Our House. He Demanded That She Would Have The Only Parking Spot In The Unit. After Telling Him I’d Share The Spot With Her He Responded With This:

Image credits: jacobmay63

#31 Roommate Sent Me A Video Of Herself And Our Other Roommate Going Through My Room And Things While Sh**talking How It Looks (I’ve Been Staying With Family But Emphasized My Room Is Still A Private, Personal Space I Don’t Want Others In) — Love Them 🙂

Image credits: honeycakies

#32 My Boyfriend (22m) And I (21m) Live With A 23f And 28m. I’m Sick Of Constantly Playing Mommy To Them

Image credits: purpleopium

#33 I Guess My Latino Culture Triggered My Roommate ?

Image credits: MyNameStartsWithGU

#34 He Used To Be My Best Friend. But We Had A Falling Out, And He’s Recently Decided He Didn’t Need To Pay Half Of Utilities Anymore

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#35 Roommate Constantly Has Loud Stuff Playing On His TV, Regardless Of Whether Or Not He’s In The Room. Last Night’s Convo (Wide Photo)

Image credits: Chadimus_Prime

#36 My Girlfriend’s Male Roommate Jokingly Acts Like My Girlfriend Is His “Mommy” Because She Always Helps Him With Tasks That Were Normally Taken Care Of By Someone Else Back Home

Image credits: Rolling_Marble

#37 You Know, Just Be Attractive To Be This Guys Roommate

Image credits: a_general_customer

#38 They’re Not For A Snake, They’re Her Dead Pet Rats That She Kept In Our Fridge. Pet Semetary Maybe??

Image credits: bluebird723

#39 World’s Worst Roommate

Image credits: TyrannosaurusHives

#40 Last Year, Our Flatmate Moved Out And Sold Us Her Friends’ Fridge That She’d Been Using. This Year, She Wants It Back, And She’s “Not Asking, But Telling”

Image credits: is_not_a_robcop

#41 Roommate Wanted $0 – Craigslist Ad

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#42 This Girl Took Her Roommate’s Mercedes On An 86+ Hour Roadtrip

Image credits: melindseyme

#43 Searching For Roommate With No Scented Soap, No Drinking, No Scary Movies, And No Men Allowed In The Apartment

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