People Share Secret Compartments They’ve Hidden In Their Homes, And Here Are 39 Of The Best Ones (New Pics)

Show me a person who says they have nothing to hide and I’ll show you a liar. We all have something we don’t want others to know about.

Of course, it’s easier when that stuff is abstract, like a thought, because if it’s physical we need a place for it.

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Luckily, the subreddits r/secretcompartments and r/hiddenrooms have plenty of clever examples of these, let’s say, solutions.

Keen Bored Panda readers might remember that we already have one piece published on the two online communities, but their members have been sharing so much cool content, we have to do another one.

#1 Cheers!

Image credits: tikivic

#2 Entryway With A Secret Underlying Kitty Entryway

Image credits: codmobilegrinder

#3 In The Wall!

Image credits: 2punornot2pun

#4 Public Restrooms In Panama

Image credits: Grundle__Puncher

#5 I Built Some Hidden Storage In A Wall Behind A Sliding Mirror

Image credits: bauer-power

#6 Cool Basement Entra- Wait

Image credits: NottagameNottagame

#7 Behind The Rock Wall

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#8 I Figure This Fits Here

Image credits: tikivic

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 Chessboard With Secret Compartment That Only Opens When The Right Move Is Played

Image credits: kingpirate

#10 Home Office Has A Secret

Image credits: melcolnik

#11 Pantry

Image credits: jp_trev

#12 Patio With Hidden Table And Benches

Image credits: arbivark

#13 Cool Night Stand

Image credits: Jeowx

#14 I Built This When I Got My Very First Chef’s Knife

Image credits: JACK-STRAW42

#15 Secret Passageway

Image credits: VooDoo_Mafia24

#16 Lemme Just Slide Out Of The Kitchen

Image credits: SimpleSandwich1908

#17 Treasure In The Table

Image credits: quart-king

#18 What A Sweet Surprise!

Image credits: subterranean__alien

#19 Budget: 120€

Image credits: LOB90

#20 Here Is Some Buried Treasure

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#21 Italian Writing Desk That Belonged To King Carlo Alberto

Image credits: DonutosGames

#22 I Made This Coat Rack With A Secret Compartment

Image credits: vipervt09

#23 Found A Hidden Compartment In My Floor While I Was Moving Out. Empty, But I Left A Little Something For The Next Person To Discover It

Image credits: skeletoneating

#24 Update To My Wine Room Behind The Wardrobe. (More In Comments)

Image credits: NotAPurpleDinosaur

#25 I’d Love To Have This Hidden Bookshelf Door!

Image credits: Idontthinkanyareleft

#26 It Took Two Years, But My Covid Project Is Finally Complete! Come Inside And Have A Drink With Me

Image credits: souper_soups

#27 I Built A Sliding Bookcase Out Of 3 IKEA Besta Booshelves With 6 Casters Screwed To A Large Bottom Plate

Image credits: gooisgoo

#28 Narco Getaway Tunnel

Image credits: JstTrstMe

#29 Starting New Job Tomorrow. Took 5 Days To Build A Hidden Office Door And Desk. I Can Open It With An App Or Through A Key Card

Image credits: VooDoo_Mafia24

#30 Bookcase That Conceals A Safe In A Narrow Hallway That I Built

Image credits: victoryrider

#31 For Those Secret “Spices”

Image credits: KungFuKhris

#32 Finished My Bookshelf

Image credits: messypawprints

#33 Built A Secret Door To Hide The Gym

Image credits: SSMDive

#34 Made A Secret Spot For A Safe, When Building My Wardrobes

Image credits: MrSingh84

#35 Hidden Lock

Image credits: AnnaB264

#36 Added A Little Surprise To This Accent Wall

Image credits: AnotherTombStone

#37 Hidden Bathroom And Pivot Door

Image credits: Djvandal99

#38 Hidden Disc Golf Cave

Image credits: Stinkification


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