People Share What Disturbing Things They Discovered After Moving Into A New Home (40 Pics)

Imagine the sheer joy of the day you finally move into your new, dream home. And the cold-shower realization that you may have gotten yourself a haunted house. Okay, let’s not jump to conclusions before scrolling below through this collection of some of the creepiest, weirdest and most unexpected findings people came across upon arrival.

From an eerie-looking old baby stroller found in the far corner of the attic to a spine-chilling monkey doll that looks like straight from a horror movie, and a hidden bunker you had no clue existed, it makes you wonder how little homeowners truly know about the places they are ready to call home.

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Arm yourself with a bucket of popcorn, and better bring that duvet to hide under because it’s about to get chilly.

#1 The New House My Parents Bought Has A Secret Room Hidden Under The Stairs

Image credits: Perspicuum

#2 I’m A Contractor. Bought An Abandoned/Foreclosed Home To Renovate. This Was In The Basement Bathroom. What. The. Hell

Image credits: spwhalenjr13

#3 So I Found This Monkey In The Attic

Image credits: mostly_grapes

While some of the creepy discoveries in this list may indeed look unsettling and raise some doubts whether the place you just moved into is really fine, some people encounter way more serious issues. Think of hard-to-explain sightings, sounds, or smells… How do you know your new home is not haunted?

Well, to find out, Bored Panda reached out to Greg Newkirk, full-time paranormal investigator and founder of the world’s only mobile museum of the unexplained. For the last two and a half decades, Newkirk has been tracking down and investigating cases of high strangeness ranging from flying saucer crashes to cursed artifacts and everything in between.

#4 Found A Creepy Room In A Hidden Crawl Space In My New Home

A crawl space behind the door contained a safe, briefcase (with money of various countries and origins, silver ingots, jewelry), a stack of mysterious videotapes (one of them was labeled “No no no no”), and a note that said “save yourself”

Image credits: lmbrjack

#5 Just Rented A New Place. Previous Tenant Left The Wall Mirror – And A Dirty Secret

Image credits: scratchamaballs

#6 That’s The Eye That Can See Into Your Soul

Image credits: missjellinsky

“If you just moved into a house and it doesn’t feel quite right, remember that anything but a brand new home has spent years soaking up the experiences, actions, and emotions of the people who have lived inside it,” Newkirk explained. It turns out that many paranormal researchers—including himself—believe that intense emotional states can create some kind of lingering bond with a location, which most people can pick up on unconsciously, the investigator explained.

“My advice, as silly as it might sound, is to talk to your new home, introduce yourself, explain why you’re there and that you plan to care for the space. This kind of introduction can make a big difference, because even if you don’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal, it can act as a kind of positive affirmation that will help you settle in.”

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#7 My Friend Just Bought A New House And Showed Me Where The Ex-Owner Was Found

Image credits: OPwillownyou

#8 Just Bought An Old House (1913) And Working On Putting In A Patio. Just About Done Digging And Found This Along With Some Scattered Bones

Local police notified and waiting to hear back if they’re human or animal

Image credits: kacheda44

#9 I Should Never Have Opened The Attic

Image credits: jkmayne

If you’re looking for signs that your new home might be haunted, Newkirk said that you won’t have to look too hard. “In my experience, hauntings in residential homes exist primarily to draw the residents’ attention to something—whatever is causing the haunting *wants* you to see, hear, or feel it.”

Moreover, “common experiences in haunted homes range from the subtle feeling of being watched all the way up to visual manifestations of what we’d call ghosts. I’ve found that the longer you go without acknowledging these kinds of anomalies, the more pronounced they’ll get until they’re basically demanding your attention,” he explained.

#10 Found In The Basement At An Estate Sale

Image credits: socksandpants

#11 There’s A Room In The Attic Where I Just Moved. Pretty Sure Nothing Good Happened Here

There are no neighbors near enough to hear someone yelling if they were in here… 

Hard to tell, but the door is only 4 feet tall and 1.5 feet across (lamp for scale). It’s got a light built into it and is painted light green. Metal grate on inside and outside of the door. Ceiling at its highest is a little over 4 feet. I’m hunched down to take these pics.


This is a creepy room upstairs at the far end of the attic at the house I just moved into. This house is overall about 60 years old, and apparently, the previous owner was the head of a church (don’t know if that means priest or what)

Image credits: NukeStorm

#12 So My Parents Just Moved Into A New House And Found This On The Ceiling In One Of The Bedrooms. I Know Which Room I Won’t Be Staying In

It says: “I’m under the bed”

Image credits: taymhaston

If you’re worried that you might be moving into a haunted house, the professional investigator urges you to choose curiosity instead of fear. “Parapsychologists have long believed that there is a strong link between the unconscious mind and ghostly experiences, so when it comes to hauntings, consider that maybe it’s *you* with the ‘unfinished business,’ and not the ghost.”

#13 Found Out The House We Are Living In Has A Bunker Below. I Managed To Squeeze My Phone In One Of The Cracks Of The Door To Take This Creepy Picture

Image credits: Colombianthunder

#14 Just Moved Into My New House. This Is Not A Deep-Pit BBQ

Image credits: den_of_thieves

#15 NYC Woman Felt A Mysterious Airflow Coming From Her Bathroom Mirror, Only To Find A Hidden Apartment Behind It

Image credits: samanthartsoe

However, “if you remain open to the experience and explore the possibility that a haunting may very well be a product of your own powerful subconscious attempting to communicate important information, you’ll find that these experiences are far less scary than they are enlightening. Sure, maybe your ghost is the lingering construct of a dead person, but those are easy to deal with—they just want to talk,” Newkirk explained.

#16 Recently Moved Into A New Apartment. This Morning I Went Into My Storage Cabinet To Put Things Away And Found Her

Image credits: CarolOHYEAH

#17 I Just Helped A Friend Move Into Their Apartment. The Next Day They Found 37 Clowns Under Their Porch

Image credits: SirAntoniusBlock

#18 I Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Made A Big Discovery. There Is A Door In The Floor That Leads To A Secret Dungeon

There is a proper 19th century layout of corridors and hatches beneath

Image credits: demc7

The professional investigator reminded us that “if you are seeing things, hearing things, or feeling things that are scary—especially if they’re instructing you to do things that are out of character—it’s always a good idea to speak with a medical professional before calling in a ghost hunter.” He concluded that “you’d be surprised how many paranormal experiences are cleared up with a visit with a doctor!”

#19 Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Happened Upon What I Thought Was A Piece Of Painted Over Tape Stuck To A Bookshelf

Peeled it up to find it was concealing a mystery

Image credits: OiMooi

#20 New House. Previous Owners Left This Behind Basement Bathroom Curtain

Image credits: funkytowne1

#21 Friend Moved Into A New Home And This Is Their Toilet

Image credits: bigworn

#22 Moved Into A New House. Any Idea Why This Would Be In The Backyard?

Image credits: Borovy3488

#23 Found This On My New Apartments Toilet

Image credits: Tommy27

#24 My Buddy Bought A House Found Some X-Rays In An Old Box

Image credits: Good_Apolllo

#25 Moved Into A New House And These Were In The Freezer

Image credits: DimmuBorgir666

#26 Just Rented A House. It Comes With Our Very Own Knife Room

Image credits: Zer0323

#27 Friends And I Moved Into A New House. Found A Closet Full Of Doll Cutouts. Thought That Was Creepy Enough On Its Own But When You See It

Image credits: WonderLemming

#28 Just Moved House And This Was Sitting In The Kitchen In An Envelope Titled “Dads 2 Sharp Teeth + Photo”

Image credits: mrmartyr

#29 Renovating A Bathroom In The House We Just Bought, Found A Peephole

Was behind the wall, looking for a place to route a wire, when I saw light and thought I was in luck.  Hey, a ready-drilled hole!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t behind the closet, where I’d needed it to be.   It allows a prime view of the shower stall.  


This is from the room that was the previous owner’s workroom, into the guest bath.


I am officially creeped out.

Image credits: kitsaheartsgrievous

#30 So We Opened The Closet Above The Stairs In The House We’d Just Bought

Image credits: AlcosaurusRex

#31 My Friend Just Moved To Texas And Found This In Her House

Image credits: crimson_irises713

#32 Man Finds A Secret Room In His New House That Contains Tons Of Ammunition, Guns, And Grenades

Just moved into my first house about 2 weeks ago. Just starting to get settled in. Bought the house for a very cheap price. The previous owner was very old and passed away. The house is very old, but for the price, it was perfect for a first house.


When I first toured the house the basement was way worse than it is now. The previous owner hadn’t moved anything out yet. The basement was pretty full with junk. They cleaned most of the stuff in the basement out, so I had to clear some stuff out.  But here it is now with some stuff that I don’t really need and will probably get rid of soon.


While sorting things out in the basement I noticed this sheet of plywood that oddly fit in. I have had the house for 2 weeks and never noticed it. I decided that I didn’t want to keep it down there so I tried to move it. It is pinched pretty hard against the stairs so it was pretty hard to get out.


When I finally got it to move I noticed there was something behind. At this point is when I got my phone and started taking pictures

Image credits: JerryTheCunt

#33 There’s A Multi-Room Dungeon/Cave In The Backyard Of The House I Rented

I rented this cool house in the hills of a Los Angeles suburb and there is a lot of DIY stonework on the property – little walls, an archway, steps and this dungeon built into the hill right behind the house. The history I’ve gathered is that a stonemason lived here for decades until he passed away from old age in the 90s, when the current owner purchased the property and began renting it. No one I’ve talked to knows what the dungeon was used for

Image credits: CreativelyBankrupt

#34 Found This Bottle In The Basement Of My New House. Wonder What’s In It

Image credits: Kuznetzov

#35 Helped My Friend Move. Found This In His New-Old Creepy Shed. Said I Could Have It

Image credits: couuch

#36 Found This In The Attic Of My Vacation Home

Image credits: AceFloresX

#37 Just Bought A House. Found This In The Basement. Sealed Tight

Image credits: Brett_Kelman

#38 Woman Finds Creepy “Hidden Room” In Her New House

Image credits: rooney8900

#39 Renting A House For The Summer. Just Found This In The Backyard. Do I Dare?

Image credits: cryptofrog

#40 Previous Owner Of New House Blocked This Hidden Basement Room Off With A Shelf (Door Does Not Lead Outside)

Image credits: BlurghUsername


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