People Shared Pics Of Animal Paws, Here Are 54 Of The Most Delightful Ones

If the internet has done one good thing,it’s given us unprecedented access to pictures of animals. Cats are and will probably remain internet royalty, but one doesn’t have to stop there. After all, why not take some time to learn more about our furry friends. So we’ve gathered some of the cutest images of animal paws, claws and flippers. 

We also got in touch with Nina Thompson from the San Diego Humane Society to learn more about how we can help animals in need. So get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote your favorites and be sure to comment your own thoughts below. 

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#1 One Of The Coolest Animals In My Opinion

Image credits: naturalenergybyproxy

#2 Penguin Foot

Image credits: lornamoff

#3 Their Little Paws

Image credits: strange-quark-nebula

Bored Panda got in touch with Nina Thompson from the San Diego Humane Society to learn more about the sorts of animals many of us keep at home and how to help the animals unfortunate enough to not have a forever home yet. Firstly, we wanted to know some steps folks at home can take to help animals in need. 

“With shelters facing space crises, fosters are more critical than ever. By temporarily opening your home to a pet, you give them a break from the shelter — and help preserve extremely strained shelter resources. Whether you choose to foster for a few days or weeks, it all makes a difference. San Diego Humane Society provides all the supplies, you provide the safe space and love.” If you are interested in helping, you can visit the San Diego Humane Society website’s foster page. 

#4 Nutria Standing On Its Back Feet

Image credits: Cormickz

#5 American Coot

Image credits: obephotos

#6 The Imposing Talons Of A Great Horned Owl

Image credits: Mophandel

If taking in an animal doesn’t fit your current living conditions, there are other options out there as well. “Volunteer: With all San Diego Humane Society shelter campuses facing staff and volunteer shortages, support is urgently needed. If you have spare time available, committing to a shift each week is a great way to make a lifesaving difference,” she shared with Bored Panda. 

#7 Polar Bear Paw vs. My Hand

Image credits: earofjenkins

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#8 A Big Itch Requires A Big Paw To Satisfy That Itch

Image credits: prairiefoto

#9 Spread Paws

Image credits: lsc194

“With the critical space shortage in shelters across the country, we ask anyone who needs to rehome their pet to try to do so on their own, instead of immediately bringing their pets to the shelter. You know your pet the best, you know what type of family they would do well in. San Diego Humane Society offers rehoming resources that can help. These tools allow pet owners to create a profile for their adoptable pet and place the animal directly in their new home.” If you are feeling indecisive, never fear, some animals might end up where you live anyway

#10 A Close-Up Of A Gecko’s Foot

Image credits: MrCharlieWaffles

#11 Red-Handed Tamarin

Image credits: Mathias Appel

#12 Bear Paw

Image credits:

Nina shared some parting thoughts and advice. “If you think you have to give up your pet because of financial reasons, please seek support first. At San Diego Humane Society, and many other shelters, there are resources to keep pets with their families through challenging times.” For folks outside of San Diego, reach out to your local animal shelter and see what they have to offer. 

#13 These Squirrel Feet

Image credits: this_girl_is_a_squirrel

#14 Pedicured Paw Of An Avicularia Avicularia (Tarantula)

Image credits: 8FuzzyLegs

#15 Kangaroo Feet Are Creepy

Image credits: SmartPossum

#16 My Duck’s Feet

Image credits: NUTTHEAD

#17 Turtle Feet

Image credits: kkobbuk_nani_lee

#18 Aye-Aye Or Madagascar Little Hand

Image credits: save_ayeaye

#19 The Well-Worn Feet Of An Emperor Penguin

They’re not overly efficient when used for walking, they’re mildly helpful when used as propulsion for belly sliding across the ice. And are best tucked out of the way for swimming for the fastest, most efficient method of transport that penguins have.

Image credits: jazzamagoo

#20 Crocodile vs. Human Hand

Image credits: Bindi Irwin

#21 Having My Hand Hold A Nile Crocodile’s Foot Is Something That Will Never Get Old

This crocodile is older than I am. It has seen things that I have not. It has experienced more than I have. This bloodline comes from Africa & who knows what its ancestors experienced.

Image credits: madbioreptiles

#22 Our Dog’s Paw Looks Like A Mini-Version Of Him

Image credits: p480n

#23 A Hand Of A Koala

Image credits: verdachteaugurk

#24 Flamingo

Image credits: peterhollebrandse_fotografie

#25 African Jacana

Image credits: mareliza_jurgens

#26 This Is How A Chameleon’s Feet Look Like

Image credits: Realhumanbeing3

#27 Wallace’s Flying Frog

Image credits: joremytony

#28 The Philippine Tarsier. The World’s Smallest Primate

Image credits: beyond_the_bucketlist

#29 Baby Owl

Image credits: jennyk3609

#30 Bear Paw

Image credits: kilhambearcenter

#31 A Close-Up Of A Squirrel’s Paw

Image credits: BatteredConvexity

#32 Holy Toe Beans Big Foot

Image credits: Pirate_Redbeard

#33 This Paw Has A Small Paw Mark

Image credits: uwuuwu

#34 Ostrich Foot

Image credits:

#35 The Silent Predator

Image credits: nileshpshah

#36 This Picture I Took Of A Geckos Foot

Image credits: jed357

#37 Black-Throated Monitor’s Feet

Image credits: jm_exotic_pets

#38 Armadillo Foot

Image credits: i_ljosi

#39 The Tiny Foot Of Tortoise

Image credits: murphdurph25

#40 In Case Anyone Is Wondering What Chameleon Feet Look Like Up Close

Image credits: Hefty_Solution_4980

#41 Giant Gecko Foot Up Close

Image credits: kanben

#42 So This Is What A Gecko’s Feet Look Like When Sticking On Walls

Image credits: phauuyap

#43 Foot Of Bat

Image credits: mingdenasty

#44 Ray’s Hands

This is how I found Bagheera sleeping today and took the opportunity to take a macro shot of his little hands.

Image credits: eatmypixel

#45 This Bird’s Feathery Feet

Image credits: RustedTurnip

#46 Such Big Powerful Lizard Paws

Image credits: dynanimal

#47 Quoll Beans. How Cute Is This Little Foot?

This little foot belongs to one of our Spotted-tail quoll joeys! This is a quality photo that perfectly shows off a couple of key adaptions Spotted-tail quolls have to help them climb trees.

Along with sharp claws, the rear paw has four full digits and one-half digits that act a bit like a thumb, and ridged pads that add extra grip.

These features also help make them some very adorable feet!

Image credits: devilsatcradle

#48 Koala Foot

Image credits: daniparrafa

#49 Picture I Took Today, Anyone Denying The Existence Of Dinosaurs Never Saw An Emu Foot Up Close

Image credits: fredouell

#50 Look At Those Paws

Image credits: mrssayler

#51 This Bird’s Feet Look Skeletal

Image credits: damnyewgoogle

#52 Close-Up Of Our Spider Paw. I Could Stare At These Creatures All Day

Image credits: SmolderingDesigns

#53 The Underside Of This American Alligator Foot Has A Unique Texture

Image credits: miscnaturefinds

#54 Micro Bat Foot

Image credits: ga_veterinary


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