People Still Can’t Stop Posting Corona Jokes And Here Are 91 Of The Freshest Ones To Make You Laugh And Relax

It’s been seven years—sorry, seven months—since we compiled Bored Panda’s very first list of coronavirus jokes. At that time, it all seemed slightly surreal. The first COVID jokes and puns reflected reality and aimed at educating people. Soon, though, with the viral threat snowballing into one of the greatest public disasters of modern history, the absurdity level skyrocketed.

A new kind of comedy was born. COVID humor turned out to be as savage as the virus itself, and no meme, pun, or one-liner was out of the question. Throwing COVID jokes around became a new kind of weapon against the collective trauma and misery we live in.

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And since we’ve rolled into the second wave of this viral turmoil and everyone is getting a little philosophical and sentimental, the COVID jokes are on fire just like they were the first day. Just better. They matured like a collectible wine, which will get us all the way through 2020. So, roll up your sleeves for this very gourmet compilation of the freshest COVID-19 humor. For dessert, check out more corona jokes here, here, here, and here.

#1 Zozo

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#2 Macaulay Culkin’s Face Mask

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

#3 It Doesn’t Get Any Better Little One

Image credits: IteaseCats

It’s not only you who noticed that corona jokes have become darker than they used to be at the start of the year. The fact that the pandemic has gotten way worse and it’s nowhere near the end has surely escalated the darker sense of humor.

In a recent interview with comedy writer Ariane Sherine, we talked about the effect the pandemic has had on our lives. The woman from London, United Kingdom told us that she, like many others, tries to limit the flow of corona-related news daily to limit the psychological pressure.

“I get my news in bite-sized chunks from Twitter. I read the news articles they recommend, but I never watch the television news as I find that a lot more emotive and distressing than written news,” she said.

#4 Corona Joke

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#5 Covid-19 Update

Image credits: sumowoman

#6 This Paper Sign At Our Local Sandwich Shop

Image credits: BC3613

On the other hand, the sense of community we all share these days is stronger than ever before. “On the upside, there’s also a shared sense of camaraderie and getting through tough times together,” Ariane commented.

This sense of community is also key to corona humor, which has become a universal subgenre transgressing all social media platforms, cultures, and backgrounds. Memes, puns, and one-liners hit us hard in a similar way that the virus does. It’s not selective and speaks to everyone.

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In every absurd corona joke, there’s a sense of empathy in the things we are all going through. And since the grounds of optimism seem to be depleting daily, there’s only one thing we can do. Sit back, relax, and poke fun at the world which hasn’t been so nice to us lately.

#7 Corona

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#8 Working Hard

Image credits: MrsNewell22

#9 The Denver Broncos Have The Entire Town Of ‘South Park’ In The Stands For Today’s Nfl Game

Image credits: Exclamation_Marc

#10 Pandemic Time

Image credits: winkysocks21

#11 Protect Yourself, Protect Others!

Image credits: morefairylightspls

#12 That’s 100% Truth

Image credits: Sukkuuuu

#13 Mistakes Were Made.

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

#14 One Of The Only Times Where Deadpool Is A Role Model

Image credits: Salakitchen1262

#15 Corona

Image credits: noitskatelyn

#16 Where Can I Get A Purse

Image credits: McFlash64

#17 Cursed Photo

#18 “It’s Easy, Losers”

Image credits: TheFukkingSwqmpKING

#19 Best Thing I Saw On Facebook Today….

Image credits: twinkwtp

#20 Some People Don’t Learn

Image credits: soundscape462

#21 The Best Mask Guide

Image credits: SUTHbeats

#22 Nah, Santa Died From Covid

Image credits: Sirs_kitten42

#23 Yup, That Sounds About Right

Image credits: cohan8999

#24 2020 Has Been Wild

Image credits: someaccounttopost

#25 100% Effective

Image credits: RyanShelf

#26 Panic, Courtney White, Digital, 2020

Image credits: CourtneyMakesStuff

#27 First Post

Image credits: zimmmmy

#28 He Did It Boys, Covid Is No More

Image credits: armance83

#29 Coming To A Store Near You Very Soon

Image credits: tombola201uk

#30 2020 Off!

#31 Covid Is Covid

Image credits: vaginofi

#32 When Trick Or Treaters Get Within 6 Feet Of My Door

Image credits: MaxiqueBDE

#33 I Sure Hope That The Corona-Virus Doesn’t Catch A Case Of Malignant Narcissism

Image credits: edincville

#34 Don’t Be Afraid You Said?

Image credits: inototo20

#35 Oh Crap..

Image credits: YoungBrexit

#36 I Can Hear The Voice

Image credits: OliverClothesoff70

#37 Detector Goes Shhhhh

Image credits: burned1000

#38 Mask-Wearing

Image credits: wadenelsonredditor

#39 Email Etiquette

Image credits: _vierra

#40 A Picture Of My Brother In P.e Class Today

Image credits: Malonezone27

#41 Heroes Of The Reich, Casually Keeping Corona At Bay

Image credits: lv_Mortarion_vl

#42 Alex Jones On Covid-19

Image credits: bhijitht007

#43 Its True…

Image credits: PharmSystem

#44 Not Wrong

Image credits: jota_pe-

#45 No Concern For Others

Image credits: xbhaskarx

#46 Berlin Gives Middle Finger To Anti-Maskers In Tourism Ad

#47 There’s No Reason To Put It On The Wrong Place. Wear Your Mask Properly

#48 Steve Mask-In

Image credits: SteveMartinToGo

#49 Corona

Image credits: justbrinicole

#50 Corona

Image credits: samirayusufx

#51 2020

#52 I Wonder How Dense The Population Is?

Image credits: markiemark12321

#53 Corona

#54 Mask Dress

#55 Corona Be Vibing Tho

Image credits: N1664TR0N3000

#56 Guys Stop I Don’t Have Corona

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#57 Can’t Wait For Covid To End…

Image credits: History0470

#58 First Covid-19, And Now This

Image credits: RaulsterMaster

#59 The Four Covid-Personality Types

Image credits: SleepDeprivedUserUK

#60 We Didn’t Make It To The Moon Choosing The Easy Way Out

Image credits: Martijngamer

#61 What?

Image credits: Marmadelov

#62 ???

Image credits: RelevantLiving6

#63 Trump Hard At Work With Covid-19 Signing Blank Pieces Of Paper With A Sharpie. Thanks White House!

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#64 I Bought This Corona Plush And Now Every Time I Tell Someone I’m Hangin With The Rona They Get Scared

Image credits: Makser6

#65 Corona

Image credits: TheTNHoller

#66 Corona

Image credits: santiagomayer_

#67 Corona

#68 Corona Go Brrr

Image credits: thepretzel24

#69 If Thrax Was Covid-19

Image credits: harriskeith29

#70 Covid Fights Back

Image credits: yashthesharma

#71 Mask Stops Covid-19

Image credits: wogogax

#72 Love This One

Image credits: kempsonchkjlkj

#73 Case Solved

Image credits: kelliearies

#74 Situation Right Now

Image credits: kailassh2007

#75 “You Will Arrive At The White House, Shiny And Orange”

Image credits: punkmaster69

#76 Let’s Go 2021

Image credits: bmrrm

#77 Corona Lisa [ninj]

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#78 Corona Mask Of The Future Is Here!! And Its Not A Motorcycle Helmet

Image credits: aokaf

#79 Sign I Put On The Door Of The Liquor Store I Manage. Let The Games Begin

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#80 History Teachers Be Like

#81 The Corona Effect

Image credits: yanze03

#82 It’s Corona Safe

Image credits: FumingOstrich35

#83 Covid Is Coming For You Next

Image credits: thunderglaive

#84 That Is Gonna Be Awful…

Image credits: MentalFish69

#85 Here We Go Again Guys

Image credits: Fandango_Jones

#86 We’ve Had One, Yes. But What About Second Covid?

Image credits: bedsidebitch

#87 Very Necessary Precaution, Thanks Corona

Image credits: Nate97Dog

#88 Incompetent

Image credits: keseger

#89 Ch Ch Ch Ro Ro Ro Na Na Na

Image credits: setoxxx

#90 Boris Logic

Image credits: Valyrianbitchslap

#91 If I Cover My Eyes And Ears Long Enough, The Corona Virus Will Magically Disappear…

Image credits: politicathrow2020


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