Person Witnesses 2 Dogs Having A Blast On A Roof, Live Reports How The Story Unfolds

Who let the dogs out? Well, after 20 years of waiting and wondering, we finally have an answer: the doggos let themselves out!

Two dogs pushed out a screen window on the second floor of their owner’s house and ended up on the roof, right above the garage. Well, it turns out the canines were too busy having a ‘party’ on the roof and didn’t want to go back inside. Not even Scooby Snacks could do the trick! Next time there’s a doggo party on the roof, I hope we all get an invite.

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The doggy-duo was reluctant to go back inside and nothing the neighbors did could persuade them to give up their partying ways. The pair weren’t good boys that day—they were party boys. But we still love them.

Two good boys became party boys

The story about the canine rooftop bash went viral online. It got 4,000 upvotes and 121,000+ views on Imgur in less than 18 hours. People were incredibly happy to read the story and were delighted that the doggos went on an adventure.

The doggos didn’t want to go back into the house

Image credits: _Cooper

Other internet users thought that this was the perfect opportunity to share some of their dog puns, such as ‘raise the woof,’ a different take on ‘roofies,’ and who could forget about ‘woof party.’

They were having too much fun on the roof

Image credits: _Cooper

There was a time when you couldn’t leave the house without hearing someone sing ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ every single opportunity that they got. Some people (yours truly included) love the song. Others (like one of our editors) hate it with a fiery passion and are triggered whenever they hear this song or Bloodhound Gang’s ‘The Bad Touch’. Some of us believe that you should totally hold a boombox over your heads and play both songs so that your friends, family, and neighbors can compliment you on your refined musical taste.

Just look at how much fun he’s having

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Image credits: _Cooper

Do you think the two doggos on the roof had fun? Do you think they were ever in any danger? How much do you love/hate the ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ song? Now that we’ve gotten the answer to that deep and complex question, what’s the next thing that we should look for an answer to? Share your thoughts with all of us in the comments below, dear Readers!

This is how some internet users reacted to the story


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