Personal Airbag for the Elderly


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To match up with the rising population of the elderly in China, Suzhou Yidaibao Intelligent Technology Company, a company that used to work on car airbags, is now innovating products specifically for their needs.

“There are two main problems we focus on,” he said. “One is how to judge an older man’s posture in real time, so how to tell when he is about to fall down. The airbag has to pop up before he falls down so he can be protected by the airbag.

“The second is how to deflate the airbag within 0.18 seconds. According to our statistic, an old man falls to the ground in 0.3 seconds, so technically the inflation has to complete in 0.18 seconds.”

Watch the video and share your thoughts about it! What other needs of the elderly should we try to look into?

Video Credit: Euronews

Source: neatorama

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