Personomic's Custom-Fit Silicone Bike Grips, for Better Support and Less Pain

A German startup called Personomic hopes to revolutionize bicycle grips. With standard offerings “you often have to deal with numbness, tingling or pain that can really ruin the cycling experience,” they write. “Until now, bicycle grips have only been offered in standard sizes, developed with an average-sized hand in mind. Therefore, these grips only constitute a compromise. For many people it is mostly a bad one, because every hand is different.

“In addition, the vast majority of bicycle grips are made of rubber and start to become sticky after a short time. This is caused by the plasticizers contained in the material, which dissolve from the handle due to UV radiation and sweat.”

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Personomic therefore creates plasticizer-free, silicone bike grips created to fit your precise hand shape. Their procedure has you photograph your own hands; their software, they claim, can reproduce the shape of your hand in three dimensions. They then create a 3D-printed mold in which they cast your custom silicone grips.

“The force is distributed evenly across your hand and there are no pressure peaks that compress the nerves — similar to an orthopaedic insole. The enlarged surface with the wing also supports your wrist and prevents hyperextension, one of the main reasons for numb or tingling fingers.”

You can choose from different textures and colors, and choose to have the handles “engraved” (i.e. the letters of your choice can be printed into the mold).

Here’s a look at their process:

The reviews from test subjects on Facebook have been effusive, and the company has successfully crowdfunded the next round of production. If you’re interested, buy-in starts at €69 (USD $81) and the campaign is here.

Source: core77

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