PETA Says Coronavirus Is An Anagram Of Carnivorous, Gets Hilariously Roasted In The Comments

The deadly COVID-19, aka coronavirus, is slowly sweeping across the globe. In the grip of it, people are hoarding face masks, getting their food supplies ready, and shutting their doors to the outside world altogether. A pharmacist from Hong Kong has described the chaos: “it’s like World War III.”

As if the panic levels weren’t high enough already, PETA decided to add some fuel to the fire. The American animal rights organization couldn’t help but share the news of a newly found link between the viral epidemic and the practice of eating animals in their Twitter post. “Carnivorous is an anagram of coronavirus. Coincidence? We think NOT!” reads the text. Apparently, PETA backs up their claim with scientific knowledge: “Scientists have a hunch that contact with animal lives or their dead flesh may be the source of the deadly virus.”

But giving such food for thought to the smart bunch of people on Twitter is like pulling a tiger’s tail—you are likely to get roasted like a barbecue. PETA, don’t say that you didn’t see this coming. Because we know you did. So, after you’re done with this story, take a look at previous PETA roasts here, here and here. Okay, and here.

PETA puts it all on the table in their questionable statement

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Twitter users enjoyed the opportunity to make some fun out of it

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Let’s see how people reacted


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