petah coyne

“I gather materials everywhere I go … Materials are a language.” 

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Yes, yes, a thousand times YES! New York based artist Petah Coyne is my new hero. I saw her glass work in Venice a few years ago but didn’t even realize it was hers until today… and then I went down the Petah Coyne rabbit hole! That amazing journey involved not only her intricate glass pieces but also works made from wax, beautifully bizarre taxidermy, silk flowers, more wax … and, eventually, I found my way to this video she did with SFMoMA. Watch the video. Have you watched it? Okay, I’ll wait. Seriously. [pauses for 4 minutes] Wasn’t that FABULOUS!? I’m going to spend the weekend ‘trying to make bad’, because as Petah wisely says, “sometimes when you make really bad, it’s really good.” LOVE.

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