Petrol Vibes: Laser-Cut Silhouettes of Iconic Cars

Hailing from Lithuania, Kristijonas and Paulius are two motorheads with a laser cutter. The duo run Petrol Vibes, a company that laser-cuts silhouettes of iconic cars out of 2mm steel, then powder coats them and provides mounting hardware that has them stand off of the wall by 1.5cm (0.6″) to cast a drop shadow.

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The company offers them in four sizes:

S: 80cm / 31″ – $149

M: 100cm / 39″ – $189

L: 120cm / 47″ – $259

XL: 140cm / 55″ – $319

I was surprised to see that the price includes free worldwide shipping. I was also surprised at the depth of their offerings—there are nearly 200 different models in their Car Silhouettes section alone. (They also do Motorcycle Silhouettes.)

And for $20 extra (no matter the size), they offer custom jobs of whatever car you like; you send them the year, model and a photo if you have one, then they take care of the rest. And with the custom option, you can choose between five different silhouettes.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

I think the “Classic” looks the best; shaving off the bottom of the car makes the form read easier to me.

Source: core77

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