Pets In Singapore Can Now Get Their Own IDs & Running Licenses

Even though some of us go through a lot of struggles to get our driver’s license, certain others seem to be able to get off just by having an adorable face. And no, we’re not talking about people this time… Apparently, it’s possible to get a personal ID for your pet in Singapore that also serves as a running license. This might just be the cutest idea ever, considering every derpy face that will end up on those pet IDs!

More info: Pets NRIC

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Turns out, Pets NRIC in Singapore is offering customizable running licenses and ID cards for your pets

Even though they’re not official, they definitely are immensely cute!

The cards look just like they’re the real deal and provide useful information such as your pet’s name, address, sex, and their photo on it

Even though getting your pet to carry it around may not be your cup of tea, it could actually be useful in case your pet ever gets lost

Each card costs $28, including courier service, and you can even add a custom note up to 60 words on the back

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