Photographer Spotlight: Sam Parkes

Sam Parkes

The old ways of gathering sheep from the hills is dying out. There is no longer a financial incentive. Families are selling their farms and with that, a whole way of life.

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Here was a life of Arcadian simplicity, centred around the land and the water, essential and joyous as has been the way for millennia. In some ways a life of precariousness- dictated by nature, making good times sharper- eating venison from the hills and fish from the loch. Swimming, learning music and making fires. Young and old. Scenes reminiscent of another era and a way of life that today seems anecdotal.

“Modern enterprise and technological advances will surely yield greater financial gain. But measured by all other standards considered part of a rounded human life, what the loss of this way of farming equates to is more difficult to quantify.”

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Sam Parkes


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