Photographer Spotlight: T.S. Pfeffer

Tests of location, light, space and time, by photographer and filmmaker T.S. Pfeffer.

As a filmmaker, I often see the world in 24-1000+ fps. While I am in love with the certain sounds and smells that come from fresh celluloid cutting through a film gate, for everyday purposes in story development, cinema cameras aren’t so easy to carry on a hip. Capturing continuous action can be heavy and often requires several moving parts for construction. It’s easy get lost in the viewfinder and miss the eureka moments outside the frame – the stuff that will spontaneously tell a story. In practice and in writing, as an effort to pre-compose and capture the essence of scenes I would like to someday recreate, I have found still(s) incredibly helpful in building an archive of my spatial cognition at work. The meditative nature of iteration and step helps me solidify concepts. These are tests of location, light, space and time.

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