Photos of When Your Spouse Can't Use Products or Packaging Correctly

We all want to believe our spouse understands the role of packaging, or has a basic grasp of how appliances work, or simply knows how to hang objects meant to be hung. But an entire community of people on Reddit have given up on that notion, and simply documented the fails.

“My husband changed the burned-out bathroom light bulbs.”

© mikallois

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“The way my wife hangs up the garden hose in the garage.”

© Boozefarts

“I love my wife, but after custom-designing and building our dream kitchen, her manner of storing products drives me crazy.”

© clooloss

“How my wife loads the dishwasher:”

© beastly13579

“When you’re old school:”

© Southernsofia123

“The way my husband hung his new shirt after I told him not to leave it in the living room.”

© LilBpixi3

“The way my wife decided to reseal the coffee.”

© dr0ne6

“Why, husband, …just …why?”

© unklekenarts

“This is how my husband eats ice cream.”


“The way my wife peeled these apples. The garbage disposal is on the right side of the sink.”

© u16173

“This is how my boyfriend and I ate our pies. He didn’t take his out of the box.”

© MamaPanda100

“How my wife cuts a pizza.”

© jolly2284

If I was coming up with a product design school curriculum, students would sit through a slideshow of these at least once a week, just to bring them back down to Earth.

via Brightside

Source: core77

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