Piano sound waves are visualized in impressive art performance

This incredible performance installation by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner transmits the sound waves of a piano into the movement of thousands of thin stems around the instrument. Accentuated by light, the sound waves bring the stems to life, moving and shaking in different ways depending on the pitch and intensity of the music. The piece was created in collaboration with Simon Schubiger and Peugeot Design Lab.

According to the artist, “Field of Sound translates sound waves into motion. Just like a field of barley waiving in the wind, thousands of illuminated stems move to the sound of music. The motion is created by a control mechanism, hidden in the base of the installation. It captures the ephemeral sound waves for a few seconds as motion and makes them visible and tangible in turn. Pitch and intensity of the music induce motion at different positions in the field, resulting in an emotional, poetic and unique interpretation of sound.”

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Milano-Design-Week Fabian Oefner

Source: designfaves.com

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