Picasso Family Says Reports of Major NFT Sale Are ‘Completely Wrong’

Earlier this week, Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter Marina and great-grandson Florian announced they were going to release a series of 1,010 NFTs of a ceramic work by Picasso himself. Accompanying the NFTs would be a track produced by Florian, who is a DJ. However, the other members of the Picasso have halted the project, reported the Associated Press.

Marina and Florian had invited AP to tour Marina’s house last week to learn about the NFTs, which they were planning on minting in a kind of exclusive sneak preview before the official launch. They had said there was going to be an auction in March at Sotheby’s. After AP’s initial report went up, the Picasso family and Sotheby’s told the press agency that that sale was not actually happening.

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“The information given through the media by which the Picasso heirs would join into the market for ‘Pablo Picasso’ NFTs is completely wrong,” wrote Jean-Jacques Neuer, a lawyer for the Picasso Administration who oversees the use of the Picasso name. The ceramic artwork that the NFTs are based on is also not heading to sale, contrary to prior reporting, the family said.

The three children and two grandchildren of Pablo Picasso have joint ownership of the intellectual property of the Picasso name, but it is only Claude Ruiz Picasso, Picasso’s son and the administrator for the family, who could authorize an NFT project.

Marina and Florian Picasso have since backtracked on their claims. Florian’s lawyer, Cyril Noterman, told AP that the NFTs were Florian’s alone. “Maybe we should have been a bit more clear from the beginning,” Noterman said.

Source: artnews.com

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