Pigs Can Be Very Sociable And Loving Too And These 40 Photos Prove It

There are a few types of domesticated animals. Cats and dogs are usually kept as pets and people have deep emotional connections to them. There are also working animals that usually include horses, donkeys, yaks and others. Now working animals are most often replaced by more advanced tools and technology, but in the past, they were very essential and people got attached to them as well. And then there are animals who are kept for the sole purpose of having meat like ducks, buffaloes, rabbits or pigs. Even if they are kept by individuals as opposed to in farms, there is no emotional attachment to them as they are raised to be killed.

However, it is hard not to notice how precious and loving working animals or those kept for meat are, so they often also become pets. Working animals transferred to the pet zone quite some time ago when their practical value dropped. And now animals like pigs are also being kept as pets without any intention of making a steak out of them.

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Pigs usually are known for being untidy and annoying. But they are actually quite cute and are more than just farm animals. Bored Panda recognized that and went to the internet to search for the cutest pig pictures people have shared.

#1 Piglet Blep

Image credits: moltenmirror

Pigs can be great pets as they are intelligent, they like being with people, they are actually clean animals and the bristly hair pigs have is hypoallergenic. You can teach them tricks like a dog and even take them on walks as they can be leash trained.

This sounds very fun, but as with any animal, there are many things to consider first. A big thing is where to keep one and what to feed it. All the small pigs in the photos are actually baby pigs, so they are not grown up yet. Often people don’t expect them to grow up so big and have to give them away.

It is because the name ‘mini pig’ is very deceptive. They can weigh 50–150 pounds fully grown and people often don’t expect them to grow that big, because they don’t take a look at the pig’s parents and don’t get informed about the breed.

#2 Piglet Sunbathing

Image credits: Gigibop

#3 Pearl Cuddling Her Little Stuffed Piglet

Image credits: lnfinity

#4 A Week Ago Bruce Fell Out Of A Semi On His Way To A Commercial Finishing Facility. This Is Bruce Now

Image credits: Brunos_Barn

#5 My Girlfriend Is Beyond Obsessed With Mini Pigs, But Had Never Met One. That Changed Today

Image credits: ToddOMG

Another thing pigs need is an outdoor area because they need to use their natural instinct to forage for roots and fungi. Of course, they like their mud baths, which are also essential for them not overheating. Their skin is actually quite sensitive and can get sunburnt easily, so when they are kept outside, they need shade. When kept inside, considering how big they are, they might need a separate room with blankets for them to nest in.

In the wild, pigs spend a large portion of their day turning over ground to seek out roots, bulbs, insects, small rodents and even reptiles, but as pets, they are usually kept in a confined space, so the owner must ensure that their piggies are well-fed. Usually that means buying special food as in some places, feeding pigs scraps is illegal because it can end up making them sick. Pigs are known for eating almost everything, so it can be dangerous to leave them hungry as they will find something to stuff their stomachs with which might not be the best for their guts.

#6 This Piglet With Buck Tooth

Image credits: Battyboyrider

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#7 Lazy Sunday

Image credits: outsidedavepiggy

#8 After Spending 12 Years In A Tiny Stall, This Pig Finally Found Someone Who Loves Her

Image credits: Where Pigs Fly

So having a pig is quite a financial commitment as maintaining the outdoor and indoor spaces as well as finding the appropriate food can add up. Then you should remember to take it to the vet regularly and actually make sure that there is someone who knows how to take care of pigs, because different vets specialize in the care of different kinds of animals. The bills for that should not be forgotten when calculating if you could afford a pet pig.

Potential pig owners should remember that these animals might live up to 20 years, so they have to be sure that this isn’t just a temporary wish because they see everyone taking pictures with them looking cute. It’s a living creature and you just can’t get rid of it when you get bored. In fact, it is illegal to just leave a pet pig in the wild because it isn’t adapted to living on its own so it’s considered animal cruelty.

#9 Kevin And Girly Girl – Friends For Life

Image credits: fc3sbob

#10 The Kitten Lady’s Newest Foster, Isa The Piglet

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#11 A Happy Pig

Image credits: Salsadips

These are just some of the biggest things to consider, but if someone is interested in a pet pig, they should definitely dedicate time to investigate what living with such an animal entails, talk to other owners, specialists and then evaluate their own capabilities of maintaining a safe and loving home for a pig. The pictures are undoubtedly very cute indeed, but buying any pet shouldn’t be a mindless decision.

And for those who understand that a pig as a pet is not for them, this list will still warm their hearts as the snouts are just irresistible. Upvote the ones that bring you the most joy and if you happen to own one, we would really like to know what your experience is!

#12 After Waiting 115 Days, Our Little Farm Girl Woke To Brand New Kunekune Piglets!

Image credits: LlamaRoo5

#13 Smiling Piglet On A Pooh Blanket

Image credits: somehow_ifeelhopeful

#14 I Photographed A Pig In Pink Tulips

Image credits: Fluffy The Therapy Pig

#15 Floppy!

Vet said Floppy wouldn’t live longer than a week and recommended putting him down, now he is 1.5 years old and a 500 lb indoor pig.

Image credits: Floppy the Pig

#16 Couple Thinks They Adopted A Mini-Pig, Keeps Her As A Pet Even After It Grows To Be 650 Lbs

Image credits: Esther The Wonder Pig

#17 Can You See Me?

Image credits: honeyishrunkthepigs

#18 Chilly Piglet Keeping Warm

Image credits: JoeinJapan

#19 This Is The Best Picture Of A Pig I Will Ever Take

Image credits: tilly9191

#20 Happy As A Piglet Getting His Belly Rubbed

Image credits: StewPaddasso

#21 The Face That Greets Me When I Get Home

Image credits: pigboots

#22 Happy Little Piglets!

Image credits: cookiecake16

#23 Foster Kitten And Piglet Are The Best Of Friends

Image credits: moomoo220618

#24 My Friend Is Fostering A Runt Piglet. I Think He Fits In Well With The Family

Image credits: mlcolosimo

#25 A Little Pig In A Pumpkin

Image credits: Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo

#26 Happiness Is A Pan Of Veggie Fried Rice! Chef Pop Is Taking Orders. Who Wants Some?

Image credits: Priscilla the Mini Pig

#27 Here’s A Picture Of My Mom Holding A Smiling Piglet

Image credits: tri_sect

#28 One Farm Animal Sanctuary In South Carolina Is Looking For Volunteers To Cuddle Their Piggies

Image credits: Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary

#29 Meet Hamlet, The Piggy Who Saved My Life

Image credits: Melanie Gomez

#30 Sleeping Piglet With Her Matching Toy

Image credits: livinunderwater

#31 Pet Pig

Image credits: LoganBryantAlex

#32 My Girlfriend’s Parents Got A Few New Baby Ducks For The Farm. Looks Like Petunia The Pig Likes ‘Em!

Image credits: heyconnor

#33 Pretty Pig

Image credits: pee_wee_the_pig

#34 Pigs Are Known For Being Very Sociable And Intelligent, And This Is Especially The Case For Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs

Image credits: meowroarhiss

#35 Baby

Image credits: Shootitallpix

#36 Michael Met Batman

Image credits: boochaces

#37 I Didn’t Realize Pigs Could Be So Cute Until I Caught This Little Guy Smiling At Me!

Image credits: MrForgettyPants

#38 Piggy Back Ride

Image credits: PigEveryHour

#39 My Friend’s Pig Just Had Piglets. Her Pug Approved

Image credits: SnuzieQ

#40 This Pig Enjoys Painting And Has Become The World’s First Pig Artist

Image credits: pigcassohoghero

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