Pineapple Cake

This amazing creation by redditor Rosiebelleann is a vanilla cake filled with pineapple curd. The outer layer of meringue has been sculpted and toasted to the appearance of the rind of a pineapple. Chocolate shingles take the place of the pineapple leaves.

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In the comment thread, pink_ego_box says that the idea dates back to an era when pineapples were very rare in Europe:

If I remember correctly they commented on how pineapples were super expensive a few centuries ago (exotic fruits rarely survived the Atlantic trade routes on sail boats) so people bought one to serve at dinners to show how rich they were. Bakers then invented a cake visually similar to what was fashion at this time for those who couldn’t afford a whole pineapple.

It’s so beautiful that it might take me a few seconds to work up the nerve to eat it.

Source: neatorama

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