Pininfarina Concept Car With No Side Doors; You Enter From the Back

We’ve seen some weird cars where you enter through the front of the vehicle:

The Microlino

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The Dodge Deora

Now Pininfarina has unveiled a sexy new “virtual” electric concept car, the Teorema, with the opposite approach. You enter from the back. The roofline swings forward on hinges, raising it to a height that you can walk beneath, so it’s kind of like getting onto a speedboat.

“Entering the TEOREMA is not much different than entering a living room. As the passenger walks in, the rear opens, the roof extends upwards and forward, and the floor lights up guiding passengers to their seats.”

Does that convey any user benefit? Of course not, and that’s besides the point. The Teorema is Pininfarina-pretty, and it’s a shame it’s virtual-only.

There’s more “details” on the concept here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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