Pink Offers To Pay ‘Sexist’ Fine For Women’s Handball Team Who Wore Shorts To A Game Instead Of Bikini Bottoms

The European Beach Handball Championships have ended and the Danish team has defended their title and won the gold medals. However, the championships were clouded by a little bit of a scandal when the women on Norway’s team protested against the uniform requirements and wore shorts instead of bikinis during one of their matches.

The Norwegian team later was penalized with a €1,500 ($1,766) fine for inappropriate attire that doesn’t follow the International Handball Federation’s uniform requirements. The whole internet was furious and stunned at how these women were treated. People were in full support of the athletes and the story caught the attention of the world-famous singer Pink.

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The story of Norway’s Women’s Beach Handball team being fined for wearing shorts was talked about everywhere on the internet

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Bored Panda covered the story of how the Norwegian team were feeling uncomfortable with the required uniform but were warned that if they wore anything else, they would be fined or even disqualified.

Despite knowing this and in order to make a point, the athletes showed up wearing shorts that made them feel like they were performing their best and in the end, the European Handball Federation (EHF) issued a €1,500 ($1,766) for the team. You can read more about this if you click here.

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The singer Pink was one of the people that expressed her support for the athletes

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This incident was talked about all over social media and it was only a matter of time until it exited the sport world and famous people started speaking up and expressing their support.

One of those people is singer and songwriter Pink. A couple of days ago, on Sunday, July 25, Pink shared a tweet that said, “I’m VERY proud of the Norwegian female beach handball team FOR PROTESTING THE VERY SEXIST RULES ABOUT THEIR ‘uniform’. The European handball federation SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good on ya, ladies. I’ll be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up.”

She called the rule about the handball players’ uniform sexist and thinks that the European Handball Federation should be fined instead

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The tweet was liked nearly 30k times and the number is going up by the second. Most people are in support of the athletes, although there are some that disagree and think that it’s not that hard to follow the rules.

The Norwegian players saw Pink’s message and appreciated the support

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Maybe you wouldn’t consider a celebrity saying what everyone already is thinking a big deal, but for the athletes, every bit of support counts. What is more, Pink can reach a different audience, so she is further spreading awareness about this issue.

On their Instagram, the Norwegian athletes shared a message thanking people for being on their side: “Thank you so much for all the support ❤🥺 We really appreciate all the love we have received🙏🏼 You’re the best.”

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They have also seen Pink’s tweet and appreciated all the attention that is brought to the issue as the Norwegian team is not only fighting for themselves, but for every woman athlete that has to suffer.

The EHF is taking small steps to change the situation and donated the fine to a foundation helping to promote equality in sports

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The gesture of offering to pay the fine because she believes it is wrong to give it in the first place is a nice gesture from Pink, but the fine has already been paid.
But it turns out, the EHF donated the money to a foundation “which supports equality for women and girls in sports,” they wrote on their page.

The Federation admits that the situation has received a lot of attention and they understand the issue but they also say they can’t bring about such a change immediately. And for now, the best they can do is to support a good cause.

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The European Handball Federation also stated that they are not the ones that created the rules and that change must happen at the international level. But the EHF President Michael Wiederer says, “We are committed though to doing all we can to influence this.”

He also added, “I would also like to underline that it was never the players who were fined, but solely—and according to the regulations—the Norwegian Handball Federation.”

The Norwegian team considered the donation to be the right move

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The Norwegian athletes acknowledged that the EHF donating the money is one step in the right direction. They shared the article the Federation posted and wrote in the captions, “Babysteps👣 It feels so good to know that we have EHFs support, and we believe that a change is in motion🌈 We can not wait💪🏻 Thank you for all the support—you are amazing 💛

Have you read the previous story? What was your reaction to the whole situation? Comment down below what you think of Pink’s statement and the Federation’s decision to donate the money!

Most of the people on Pink’s Twitter saw the uniform requirement to be sexist

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