Pipe Lighting's "Light Light" Provides Better UX for Production Crews

German company Pipe Lighting is revolutionizing the way things are shot. They’ve perhaps taken a page from lighting designer Ingo Maurer: The company’s offerings consist of inflatable, lightweight LED fixtures.

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As someone who used to run a photo studio, I can attest to how laborious it is to stage large amounts of lighting. Set-up and breakdown was time-consuming. You needed boom arms, sandbags, counterweights, etc., each of which posed a safety hazard if not properly rigged. In contrast, this gargantuan Pipe Lighting fixture was installed without a truss:

Hanging a fixture this large, over a child, in an actual house where you can’t drill into the ceiling, would have been impossible with conventional lighting:

Massive, full-body-size light panels can easily be held by grips, saving time in rigging and allowing for fast re-sets:

As the company describes themselves: “Pipe Lighting is all about light light. We make your life easier and lighter.”

Source: core77

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