Places You Can Visit to Relive Your Scariest Horror Film Experience

What’s the scariest movie you ever saw? If a particular horror film keeps coming back to keep you awake at night, part of the reason may be its spooky setting. Many horror films rely on someone visiting a new and unknown place that turns out to be haunted or maybe occupied by a killer lunatic. And those places are out there, somewhere, because that’s where they filmed the movie. You might even want to visit someday, maybe to relive the thrill, or maybe to reassure yourself that it’s not like the movie. You can still go to the gas station featured in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and eat barbecue), tour the lighthouse from The Fog, or climb the stairs where the priest and the demon battled it out in The Exorcist. Check out eleven iconic horror film locations and make your plans for a pilgrimage with the help of Atlas Obscura.

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(Image credit: Rshao)

Source: neatorama

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