Playdough Surgery is Easier Than the Real Thing

The Beakfasteur is a doctor and a mother. She makes anatomical models out of Playdough and other materials to show her little boy (and the rest of us) how surgery is done. In the video above, she does a Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair on an inguinal hernia. No bleeding and no stitches, because it’s Playdough! Still, it may be disturbing for the squeamish. If you’d rather see a cochlear implant, thyroidectomy, cesarian section, gallbladder removal, cleft palate repair, or coronary artery bypass, she has those videos, too, all using homemade anatomy. In fact, you can find a very wide range of the Breakasteur’s Playdough surgeries at both YouTube and Instagram. Those who know will warn you that the knee replacement surgery is the most likely to squick you out. The lumpectomy video shows a Playdough breast, but if you aren’t at work, it’s worth watching for the child’s comments at the beginning. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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