Playstation 5 On Your Feet!

Well, sort of. Sony and Nike have collaborated to create a Playstation-themed basketball sneaker for the NBA and Paul George. The sneaker, called  “PG5,” is a design based on a piece of a DualSense controller that was sent to Nike’s senior footwear designer, Tony Hardman. This was because Sony can’t show him the actual console (or any images of it): 

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More specifically, [Yuji] Morisawa said he wanted Hardman and Nike to really get a feel for details like the texture and patterns being used across the PS5, such as the small PlayStation squares, triangles, circles, and Xs that are all over the DualSense controller. Those elements were, naturally, hard to show off with a webcam and over Zoom video calls, prompting Morisawa to eventually decide to literally cut off a piece of a DualSense controller and ship it to Hardman so Nike could have a reference point for the sneaker’s design.

“Usually, we are not able to send a sample like this,” Morisawa said about trusting Nike with a PlayStation 5 component before the console had been announced. “But this time I tried really hard and said, ‘I have to send it to them.’ So I cut [the DualSense] out so nobody could see which part it was and I think it helped them that we could actually send the sample to them before production.”

Image via Input Magazine

Source: neatorama

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