Pokeball Replica Worth $100 Will Be Available Soon!

Well, it has to be high-end. Also, it has to come with the Pokemon Company’s seal of approval. Which is what this metal replica of the iconic game item is! The Pokemon Company has teamed up with The Wand Company to make an accurate replica of the Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball, all of which will roll out in 2021. Relive your childhood dreams of catching Pokemon (or not; you could just put them up for display, these are expensive after all) – if you have enough funds to purchase them: 

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The Wand Company’s Poké Ball will cost $99.99. It’s available for pre-order now and will ship on Feb. 27, 2021 — Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. So what does a hundred bucks’ worth of Poké Ball entail?

According to The Pokémon Company, the die-cast metal replica Poké Ball features proximity-sensing technology. When it detects motion, the ball will glow. Pressing the button on the Poké Ball “changes the light color or starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence.” It also comes with a presentation case and a stainless-steel ring on which collectors can display the Poké Ball replica. The case itself also comes with a touch-sensitive metal plaque that lights up the ball. (Oh, and batteries are included.)

Image via Polygon 

Source: neatorama

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