Poly Canyon: Architecture Graveyard or Art Gallery?

It’s true that an architect’s job is to design buildings, not construct them, but like many other jobs, learning the real-world tasks down the line can make you more knowledgeable about your own work. In other words, architects will learn a lot by actually constructing a building. That’s what senior architecture students a California Polytechnic State University do, to gain real-world experience in putting their ideas into action. Hence their slogan “Learn by Doing.” That said, these students’ ideas can be quite outlandish. You have to wonder how many of these ideas were later replicated elsewhere. Many of the buildings still survive, although not in pristine condition, in the area known as Poly Canyon. Tom Scott takes us on a short tour of the students’ projects, although he’s a bit reticent to invite people to go there due to the constant vandalism that plagues the stuctures. It’s too bad no one really lives there anymore. 

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Source: neatorama

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