Pont Ambroix

Pont Ambroix, also called the Ambrussum Bridge, was a major Roman bridge across the Vidourle River connecting the end of Villetelle to Gallargues-le-Montueux in modern-day Lunel, France. The bridge was part of the Via Domitia, which was the first Roman road built in Gaul, to link Italy and Hispania through Gallia Narbonensis, across what is now Southern France.

Pont Ambroix was built in the first century BC and originally consisted of 11 arches. The bridge carried the traffic west of Nîmes continuously for 13 centuries until a violent flood dislodged an arch putting the bridge out of use. It was never repaired.

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Photo: Dominique LENOIR/Flickr

Source: amusingplanet.com

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