PooPoo Smoothies, Anyone?

If you ever go to China, consider looking for this certain store that serves yellowish brown smoothies, which are, for some reason, called PooPoo Smoothies. The said smoothies can come with a white swirl on top, which is more expensive, or the one without the swirl, which comes with diced mangoes.

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Engrish user The_YongGrand says that the “Poo” in the “PooPoo” could mean “burst”, “pop”, or “explode.”

It sound[s] like “Pow-Pow” in Cantonese. Or if they are creative with it, they could use “Pop-pop” or “Boom-Boom”. “Pop-pop” sounds much more relevant to the drink since it’s all about bursting the little pearls when you are drinking it.

Would you drink one?

Image via Engrish.com

Source: neatorama

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