Pop Culture Evolutions

Illustrator Jeff Victor (previously at Neatorama) does “Pop Culture Evolutions,” meaning a series of pictures showing how a character has changed over time. For comic book superheroes, that means drawing from the styles of movies and comic books, going way back, as far as 80 years in the case of Superman, and Wonder Woman is almost as old.  

He also does villains, monsters, and heroes without superpowers. But it’s not just characters. Victor also shows the evolution of actors and the roles they select over time, like John Goodman, Nicolas Cage, Andy Serkis, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Murray, and Jeff Goldblum.

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Victor doesn’t limit himself to actors and characters, as he has illustrated evolutions of people like Michael Jackson and Stan Lee. See more of Victor’s art at his blog and at Instagram. -via Buzzfeed

Source: neatorama

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