Popular, precious, Tin Food

Canned food is wrongly considered series B, a long-life and cheap surrogate to be used only in times of difficulty.Preferring fresh food, however, is not always possible.

Tin food is seen as less healthy, but their conservation method is optimal. For this reason it keeps the flavor for a long time and can be eaten even months later.

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Actually, we choose it when we have limited time to shop and cook, to avoid wasting fresh food that would probably go bad.

For “zombies and end of the world” movies, a drama supermarket scene is a must.In exceptional situations, supermarkets are actually the mirror of people’s emotions. Our purchasing behavior varies a lot, according to the situations.Needless to say, we refer to the panic scenes caused by the lockdown, but the kind and the number of products we buy also change according to the seasons and before a holiday.

Returning to the example of apocalyptic films, if there is one thing they have taught us, it is to stock up on canned food.

And here this teaching came in handy when leaving the house to shop food has become an action to be performed no more than once a week.

Tin Food by Nocera&Ferri

“Tin food” is the new series by Nocera&Ferri, an Italian photographer duo based in London. This project wants to elevate tin food as crucial to survive in this pandemic moment. In fact, these foods have sold out in many stores.

These products really have a steady pop meaning, both in art (remember Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans) and in daily life.

Now they have acquired a new value. These pictures finally treat them with the importance they deserve.

The mise-en-place of the pictures recalls the treatment of luxury goods in advertisements on glossy magazines. Bright colors of packaging combined with the background give the impression of fun, fresh, popular and precious products.

Photography, Concept & Styling by Nocera&Ferri
www.noceraferri.com  @noceraferri
Retouch by Nicole Frost
www.retouch-of-frost.com  @retouch_of_frost 

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