Population Mountains

Matt Daniels presents a heat map of population density around New York. But as you scroll down, it  changes to a different angle and shows you what the population of the cities look like stacked as a 3D graph. That’s a population mountain. Every city has a differently-shaped “mountain” that gives you a feel for how dense it is. Daniels goes on to compare some of the mega-cities around the world. Above you see London, England, on the left. It is an old city with nine million people, surrounded by suburbs and other nearby cities. On the right is Kinshasa, DRC, with 13.1 million people. It is a fast-growing city surrounded by empty space and few suburbs. Both are impressive, but do not compare at all with the mega-cities of Asia. Read about Daniels’ population mountains around the world, and then you can explore on your own with his interactive world map.    -via Metafilter

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