Portable Powerbank Doubles as Viewing Stand

I recently flew cross-country, and United has a new-to-me feature where they can beam movies to your phone using Wi-Fi. One problem was that I didn’t have much battery life left, and the bank of seats I was in had dead power outlets. The second problem was that there’s no good place to prop a phone up in a cramped coach seat. I made it through the first half of “Tomb Raider” with my head down and the phone in my lap.

It’s for applications like this that South Korean ID firm Adaption designed this portable powerbank for Hitachi-LG Data Storage. Nothing earth-shattering, but a simple combination of two objects to improve UX for the long-haul traveler: A powerbank with a built-in viewing stand. Watch a movie while charging your phone instead of draining it.

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I don’t fly enough to warrant buying one of these, but for what it is, it seems perfect.

Source: core77

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