Portrait Photography Online Course by Photographer Catalina Kulczar

Harness your creative vision and photographic skills to capture the unique essence of each individual in their portrait. Master techniques that will bring out the best qualities in a subject, allowing you to produce captivating artworks with lasting impact.

Creating a compelling portrait is not just about technical proficiency, rather it involves bringing out the essence of the person being photographed. Catalina Kulczar has mastered this craft by getting to know her subjects on a deeper level and capturing their true identity with naturalness and authenticity in her photography. She looks through people as an artist translating their spirit into each photograph she takes.

In this course, Catalina will carefully guide you through her creative process for creating portrait photography. The journey begins with pre-production steps and continues until the moment of shooting when she teaches people how to pose, converse with them, as well as connect in meaningful ways. Finally, Catalina reveals her postproduction process and finishes by providing an insight into final photograph edits.

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Portrait Photography Online Course: Capturing Authenticity with Photographer Catalina Kulczar
Portrait Photography Online Course: Capturing Authenticity with Photographer Catalina Kulczar

Are you ready to tap into your potential and learn the skills needed for success? With this online course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of principles that are essential for achieving mastery. Unlock new perspectives on how to reach higher levels of growth and become the best version of yourself.

Get to know Catalina, the photographer. Learn about the inspirations that drive her and discover what references she turns to in making her art. Plus, get a glimpse of what awaits you when taking this course – all straight from Catalina herself!

Before beginning the session, it is crucial to have a firm grasp of who you are photographing. Catalina can provide you with all the necessary information for this purpose. To attract more customers, make an inspiration board that includes images from their environment, garments, and other details about them.

The instructor will elaborate on the differences between taking photos in a studio or at an outdoor location. Besides that, they’ll also demonstrate how to select and ready the necessary photographic equipment for your upcoming photography session.

Let’s make this happen! You will ensure that the set-up is comfortable for everyone by setting up the necessary lights, camera, laptop, and photographic equipment. Additionally, you should strive to create a pleasant atmosphere in which we can work.

In this course, you’ll learn effective techniques to make your models look and feel more comfortable, relaxed, and ready for the shoot. You will be introduced to a specific technique used by the teacher in order to create portraits of various perspectives. Additionally, you’ll discover tricks on how to generate an atmosphere that is inviting, sincere and intimate so as to bring out each subject’s true personality!

Subsequently, you and the model will collaborate to create their picture while focusing on one element. All items in the set will be removed as part of this session.

In the end, you will select the best portraits with Lightroom. We’ll cover how to assess images and make adjustments that reflect your style preferences. After editing, we’ll explain how to get them ready for web display or printing purposes.

Are you ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? This online course is designed for individuals who are looking for an opportunity to enhance their understanding and expertise!

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