Post-election anxiety finds its way through art

Art Week Miami is one of the biggest art events every year. In fact, over 70,000 fans, critics, and artists attend the celebration to get some inspiration and marvel at the year’s best. 2016 is a lot like the previous years, but there has been an overwhelming sense of consolation, as well. The past election has caused much anxiety to many people, and in more than a few ways, people feel saddened because of the issues it has raised: gun violence, terrorism, immigration, national security, discrimination, and sexual abuse. These things trigger some bad memories in most people, especially with those who are personally affected by them.

So it was not a big surprise to see a common theme in this year’s Art Week. Sam Durant was one of the biggest exhibitors from the Blum and Poe booth. His screaming art was aptly entitled End White Supremacy. Although it was an old piece (2008), the recent elections surely gave it meaning in a new light. Aside from Durant, many other artists also exhibited artwork that had the common theme.a3988ea8e138bfba2a331311434939f52b416cc1bf97abeddea9661abdc2146f a832567fd425432c6ed73727d5947a69 b226f28be6bc3d0d69681a8e884c7439 ca8919f20988882dd2c79939fbdb7bbe

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