Poul Henningson's PH 2/1 Table Lamp Goes Wireless

Danish designer Poul Henningson’s PH 5 pendant lamp is so iconic…

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…it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t a standalone object; it was part of a series incorporating Henningson’s very specific arrangement of shades.

Image: Nasjonalmuseet/Bjørgli, AnnarCC BY 4.0

“PH did not just design a light, but an entire system – around a thousand different models have been produced over the years,” writes manufacturer Louis Poulsen. “This wide selection consisted of table, floor and wall lamps, as well as a number of different chandeliers, which were very popular in the 1930s for lighting private homes from high ceilings. There were countless combination options.”

Image: lglazier618CC BY 2.0

The smallest of the PH series, the PH 2/1 table lamp, has received a modern upgrade that Henningson couldn’t have imagined: It’s wireless, thanks to a rechargeable battery powering LEDs.

It’s one of those products that looks better on video than in stills:

The shades are mouth-blown opal glass, and the bases are available in brass or chrome finishes. The LEDs feature a stepless dimmer. The battery offers a 5.5-hour runtime at 100%, up to 120 hours if dimmed down to 5%. The asking price is $1,043.

Source: core77

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