Predictions About 2023 from a Hundred Years Ago

Paul Fairie the University of Calgary dug through newspaper archives to find out what people in 1923 thought the year 2023 would bring. While some are both inaccurate and strangely outlandish, we have to stop and think about what we would predict for the year 2123. Hey, your grandchildren might well be around to read your hilariously inaccurate predictions! When our ancestors looked forward to a four-day work week, they were thinking about machines doing the work, but not about how people could make a living wage working fewer hours. Other predictions were that cancer would be cured, Canada would have a population of 100 million, and there would be no ugly people left.

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Other predictions were somewhat accurate. The US has 331 million people now, although we are having problems getting adequate household water to arid lands, much less irrigation. Another prediction was that newspapers would go out of business because of radio. It’s actually because of the internet. And someone predicted war would be fought from a distance, which conjures up visions of our long-range missiles and drones. You can read these predictions from 1923 at Twitter or at Threadreader, where you can see the whole clipping without having to click on it.  -via Boing Boing

Source: neatorama

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