Pregnant Woman Told She Can’t Wear Bikini Because MIL’s Husband Hates To See Her Belly

Whether you’re excited to finally meet your baby or a bit overwhelmed by the thought of becoming a parent, it’s normal to have all types of emotions during the eighth month of pregnancy.

Since you may also be feeling very tired at this point, taking some time to relax can put some pep back in your step.

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But when this woman went on a vacation with her family, she quickly got into an argument with her in-laws over the bikini she was wearing. Turns out, they hated to see her belly.

So she explained the situation in a post on the subreddit ‘Am I the [Jerk]?’, asking its members to share their opinions on the conflict.

This woman went on a family holiday during her eighth month of pregnancy

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But she got berated for putting on a bikini

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Sadly, this case isn’t a standalone example

Many mothers are familiar with such a scenario.

Brand strategist Alexandra Carello is one of them. “When you’re pregnant, finding clothes that you feel good in can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to be conscious of your consumption and avoid buying new pieces,” she wrote on The Telegraph. “Clothes become a faff and almost always feel restricting.”

“With a bikini, there’s nothing digging in, nothing pulling at your body. Fewer clothes definitely equals fewer problems for me – I love getting to wear just bikinis and cover-ups all day. Being nearly naked is basically the best,” the woman explained.

“I haven’t felt this way through my entire pregnancy. In the beginning, just looking or feeling a bit bloated or bigger isn’t fun. And you always feel more pregnant than you look in the early stages. It’s liberating to be enormously pregnant in a bikini when no one can wonder. I think the more skin you show, the better.”

Carello has also had to deal with disdainful glares. But she thinks it’s best to distance yourself from them as much as possible. “My attitude is, ‘Yeah, I’m pregnant – so what? Judge me if you dare.’ I feel more confident in a bikini now than when I’m not pregnant, and also very free.”

Of course, maintaining this attitude is much more difficult when your relatives keep criticizing your attire.

People unanimously said that the woman did nothing wrong

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