Preview: Katy Grannan in Season 9 of Art21 “Art in the Twenty-First Century” (2018)

Katy Grannan describes the collaborative relationship between photographer and sitter in this preview of the upcoming “San Francisco Bay Area” episode from Season 9 of the “Art in the Twenty-First Century” television series.

Seen at work in her Berkeley, California studio, Grannan recalls photographing one of her frequent collaborators, Nicole. “There was a desire to have some of that glamour or a sex appeal, and then she rejected it at the same time,” says the artist. “I thought, this is closer to what I feel as a woman.”

Katy Grannan was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1969. A photographer and filmmaker, Grannan is fascinated by the lives of what she describes as “anonymous people” on the margins of society in the American West. Grannan develops long-term relationships with transient residents, which lead to stunningly beautiful and unsettling portraits.

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Season 9 of “Art in the Twenty-First Century” premieres September 21 at 9:00 p.m. on PBS. “San Francisco Bay Area” airs September 28 at 9:00 p.m.

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