Previews: Edwin Ushiro – “Graduation” @ Giant Robot 2

Continuing to show with Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles, Edwin Ushiro (interviewed) will be presenting a new body of work starting this Saturday (July 14th). As is his usual practice, the new exhibition, Graduation, will draw from nostalgic experiences growing up in Hawaii, producing haunting and ethereal imagery crafted with his unique mixed media process.

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Ushiro further states – “Graduation is a series of drawings and paintings that recount stories from my childhood that focuses on the point when you have reached a goal and the endless possibilities ahead. They may remind you of a time when everything was a big deal. The world was unfamiliar. I like to think the retelling of these stories offer the characters portrayed in these illustrations a fresh beginning into a journey of a life completely fulfilled.”

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Source: arrestedmotion

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