Pride Month 2022 Has Kicked Off And Here Are 83 Of The Funniest Memes People Shared Online

Happy Pride Month, everyone! The time of year when the LGBTQ+ communities from all around the world proudly celebrate the freedom to be themselves. They organize parades, attend events, and educate people on their struggles to achieve acceptance and equality in all aspects of their lives. But, most importantly, they come together to collectively create memes to kick off Pride Month with a smile.

Time and again, the internet has proven to be the perfect place to encourage discussions, inspire activism and promote remembrance. You see, the celebrations might just be getting started, but people have wasted no time in spreading love and humor online. Whether they applauded others’ efforts or poked fun at corporations who exploit LGBTQ+ symbols and abandon them the second June ends, people didn’t hold back.

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So if you’re looking for some entertaining memes to get the spirit going, we’ve got you covered. Bored Panda has scoured the web and wrapped up a collection of the funniest and most relatable jokes to honor Pride Month. Continue scrolling and hit upvote on the ones that made you laugh most! And if you’re in the mood for even more hilarious memes, check out our post from last year right here.

#1 The Cottagecore Vibes Are Immaculate

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#2 Happy Pride Month Everyone Love Y’all

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Pride Month started as a way to commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion, which occurred in the early hours of June 28, 1969. Police raids on bars catering to New York’s gay community were common at the time. But on that day, people felt fed up with years of harassment by authorities and chose to fight back, and this decision erupted in neighborhood riots that went on for three days. The uprising inspired activism and ignited the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement because one year later, the nation’s first Pride marches were held.

“Pride offers a moment to celebrate our victories and remember our battles,” Justin Bengry, senior lecturer in queer history at Goldsmiths University of London and convenor of the MA Queer History, the first degree of its kind, told Bored Panda. “But it should also be a moment when we reflect on the fact that neither our history nor our activism started in New York in 1969.”

#3 Campaign From The Swedish Armed Forces

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#4 Go Ask Mom

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Martha Catherine Brenckle, professor of writing and rhetoric at the University of Central Florida and treasurer for the LGBTQ History Museum of Central Florida, said that Stonewall has taken on the imagination of the community. “Remembering what happened at Stonewall and now Pride Month says we will no longer tolerate harassment and intimidation,” she told us.

“When Obama visited the Stonewall Inn and gave it the designation of a National Monument, the place and event took on even more importance, especially for those who weren’t even born yet,” Brenckle continued. “Knowing History is crucial to knowing who you are and where you are going in the future. Every step we make politically and socially has been from standing on the shoulders of all the activists who came before us.”

#5 Needed This Today

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#6 Bringing This Back As We Enter Into Pride Month

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#7 If You Are Religious And Gay Remember : He Is More Disappointed In You For Not Drinking Enough Water Than For Being Gay

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Image credits: LilliputianMouse

According to Bengry, many unfortunate events took place even before Stonewall like that at San Francisco’s Compton’s Cafeteria in 1966. They show how trans and queer people were long subjected to regular police harassment and how they resisted it. “In the 1950s and 1960s, homophile activists in the US and UK protested against unfair treatment under the law and lobbied for reform, bravely identifying themselves as homosexuals,” Bengry added.

Of course, this kind of activism was happening in some places in Europe too, Bengry said. “Histories of queer people who advocated for a fairer and more just world extends even into the nineteenth century. In the 1860s and 1870s, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, a German lawyer and journalist, created new terminology to describe those like himself who desired members of the same sex and spoke openly against laws that criminalized homosexuality,” he explained. Moreover, even in the first decades of the nineteenth century, Justin noted that a group of likely queer men in Britain sought to overturn anti-sodomy legislation that still carried the dire threat of execution if convicted.

#8 If I Had More Access To The Internet When I Was Younger, I’d Have Known I Was A Lesbian A Lot Sooner

Image credits: gnfhairyballs

#9 Yet If You Show Children A Single Gay Cartoon They Instantly All Turn Queer

Image credits: adamtotscomix

#10 My Grandma Is 83 And Lives In Rural Florida Where She Is Surrounded By Anti-Gay, Right Wingers. She Just Had Her Two Front Benches Repainted In Support Of Her Three Lgbtq Grandchildren (Me And Two Cousins)

Image credits: wilburwhereareyou

“But even as it is crucial that we look back, we must also look forward and Pride should also be a moment for us to think about LGBTQ+ people who do not have the same safety, privilege and opportunities that some of us do.” The lecturer told us that globally, many people live in danger and fear. Moreover, “even in our own communities, trans people, queer people of color, many queer youth, those with disabilities and others remain marginalized and vulnerable, too often through the actions and policies of our own governments,” he said, adding that during Pride, we must demand better.

#11 “Gay And Annoyed” Is Such A Huge Mood

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#12 Straight Men Hate It When Gay Men Treat Straight Men The Same Way Straight Men Treat Women

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#13 It’s A Pretty Cool Pin Though

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Raising awareness is now far easier due to social media and how convenient it is. People use it as a great tool to show the diversity of the community, discuss the history of LGBTQ+ advocacy and share opinions about the gains and setbacks made by the people.

“Social media offers amazing opportunities to highlight queer voices and to amplify the widest diversity of experiences across the spectrum of LGBTQ+ people in our communities,” Bengry mentioned. “We can use social media to share our histories and celebrate our victories. We can call others to action and use social media to demand change.”

Unfortunately, social media is far from perfect. “It also gives voice to those who would do us harm, those who attack our community and especially the most vulnerable and marginalized amongst us.” Bengry added that as much as we use these platforms to do great things, to share knowledge and resources in an accessible and safe way, “we must remain vigilant and push back against those who would use it against us.”

#14 Would You Like To Hear About Lord And Savior?

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#15 Wholesome As Hell

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#16 Thought It’s Funny

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But social media also gives corporations the opportunity to rainbow up as soon as June begins, actions that often provoke criticism from within the gay community. When asked about companies who only temporarily show support and what should we make from their actions, Brenckle told us, “Corporations have discovered that the LGBTQ demographic is large and that we spending money is not necessarily a bad thing. We live in a capitalist economy and being a visible part of the economy is not a bad thing. I know that people complain that the Orlando Pride Parade has become too commercial but participating in the mainstream economy isn’t a bad thing.”

#17 Awwwww

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#18 Cats Accept Us. I Can’t Wait For My Countrymen To Do The Same

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#19 Posting A Meme Everyday Till June 1st Pt. 7

Image credits: AJsStudios

But when businesses publicly show support for the LGBTQ+ people by setting their logos with symbols and designs from their communities and movements, Bengry said it is important to ask them about their motivations.

“This kind of visibility is only the very minimum we should expect, and we can use this initial support to start a conversation about how they can do more,” the lecturer explained. “Do they donate to LGBTQ+ organizations, community groups and charities? Do they use their economic and political power to promote and support other LGBTQ+ causes and equality issues?”

“And, I think, most importantly we should ask questions about their own business practices and policies. How do they treat their own employees? Is it a safe environment for their LGBTQ+ staff? This is where they can have an immediate impact on people’s lives most directly, and where we must always push corporations to do more and do better,” he added.

#20 Never Forget How Far We’ve Come, And How Recently

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#21 Cool

Image credits: Neon_woof

#22 Pride Month Be Like

Image credits: newtonium_119

So to kick off Pride Month 2022 on the right foot, Bengry advises you to celebrate your victories and reflect on the past. “Our history is incredible, dynamic and exciting with powerful stories of collective action, trauma, community and resilience.”

“Read more. Explore more. Contribute to preserving our history by sharing your own story in a queer history project or learning how to interview queer elders or others from across our community. Join a local queer history reading group or take a community history class. Queer history is everywhere, and now is the time to preserve, share and celebrate it,” he concluded.

#23 No Thank You I’m Not Interested In People

Image credits: Lefrektor

#24 “Family Values Conservatives” Will Always Choose To Abandon Their Children Rather Than Their Bigotry

Image credits: eighteendollars

#25 Happy Pride Month Fellow Humans. It Is Me Corporation. I Too Am A Gay

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#26 Jesus

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#27 Irish Pride!!

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#28 This One Made Me Chuckle

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#29 Honestly Same

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#30 Next Gen: All Gay, All Marriage

Image credits: Browtweaten

#31 Phewwwww

Image credits: katewillett

#32 This Is Beyond Stupid Is Anyone From Alabama And Can Confirm This Stupidity

Image credits: OutMatchedBeast

#33 Teenager

Image credits: kycarrerolopez

#34 S O O N

Image credits: njecolina

#35 Lesbian Sex Continues Until It Is Interrupted By An Outside Force, Usually A Cat

Image credits: carrotaddiction

#36 Happy Pride Month!!

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#37 Pride Month 2

Image credits: eggabeth

#38 Damn This Pizza Place Requires A Lot Of Topping To Pay For An Extra Topping

Image credits: DeadForDecember

#39 I Love My Grandma

Image credits: koppytko

#40 Let’s Make This Happen

Image credits: 6double

#41 And That’s Why There Isn’t Straight Pride Month

Image credits: Dayno000

#42 It’s That Time Of The Year

Image credits: BigPvpv

#43 Don’t Ask If You May Not Be Comfortable With The Answer

Image credits: Specktagon

#44 Pride Month

Image credits: babeybison

#45 Tfw Someone Says “Why Isn’t There A Straight Pride Month”?

Image credits: behind_you_right_now

#46 I Want To Leave This Country So Bad

Image credits: TheRoyalKT

#47 Their Their, Friends

Image credits: WatercolorSkulls

#48 As An Androgynous Man I Can Confirm It’s Not Just Kids Who Stare Like That

Image credits: Xenodizzy

#49 Yes

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#50 Rainbow Cream Costs 20 Cents More. How Do We All Feel About This? Pride Month Is Coming Up And This Seems To Be The Norm For Businesses

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#51 Happy Pride Month Y’all

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#52 My Hand Slipped And Made This

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#53 Every Company

Image credits: reniadeb

#54 There Was A Rainbow Here

Image credits: NekoHappix

#55 Dragon

Image credits: flowergirl_420

#56 We Are On A Billboard In San Francisco We Did It Reddit

Image credits: lesbianceleste

#57 Who’s The Real Snowflake. Also Happy Pride Month

Image credits: DrLamington

#58 Reminder To Just Buy Stuff Directly From Queer People

Image credits: SkylerD95

#59 Corporations On June 30th: We Are All Homo. Corporations On July 1st: Homo Sapiens

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#60 Happy Pride Month!!! You Are Loved! You Are Valid!

Image credits: konamahihkan

#61 It’s Adam And Eve. Not Adam Or Eve

Image credits: SirDabbington-

#62 Updated

Image credits: mattxiv

#63 Here We Go Again

Image credits: Monster_Lock

#64 Well, That’s A Lesson For You. Try Harder Next Year, Other Dad

Image credits: boomerrranga

#65 A Great Time To Annoy A Homo/Transphobe

Image credits: child-of-old-gods

#66 Every Year

Image credits: Liminal_Life

#67 Me Waiting For My App Logos To Get Gayified

Image credits: Benjamin_Pretorius

#68 Rainbow Is Beautiful. Happy Pride Month

Image credits: paulkanyamucanary

#69 It’s Called The FBI Not The Fstraight

Image credits: a_random_ai

#70 Me When Pride Month Comes:

Image credits: _Mr_Peanut

#71 Still Pretty Relevant

Image credits: Celine_the_egg

#72 Serious Question, In The Harry Potter Universe Are There Any Spells That Change Gender?

Image credits: TomLangford

#73 Ominous Disco Music

Image credits: knowyourmeme

#74 Every Month Is Pride Month

Image credits: Bridgiebridge2021

#75 Corporations When Its 12 Am June 1st

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#76 You Don’t Realize You’re Gay. A Pride Flag Decides You Are And Hits You In The Head During The Night

Image credits: PersonalTwainer

#77 Happy Pride Month!

Image credits: ProCy_R

#78 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Image credits: schisma22205

#79 Come On… Buy Our Products

Image credits: knowyourmeme

#80 Pride Moth

Image credits: aaaaaaaaaaaai

#81 I’m A Dark Mode Fan, In Regards To My Phone And To My Pride Month

Image credits: QweenSara

#82 After Female-Tax Now We Have Lgbtq-Tax. Smh

Image credits: mikemessiah

#83 My Birthday Is On Pride Month

Image credits: Nancy_DSantos

#84 Can’t Wait For Pride Month!

Image credits: _ilysias


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