Prince Harry Makes Megxit Official By Declaring U.S. His “New Country” And Throwing Away UK Residency

For the first time since breaking away from the British Royal Family in 2020, Prince Harry has declared the U.S. his primary place of residence.

The revelation came about as The Duke of Sussex recently updated the information on housing records related to Travalyst, his eco-travel venture.

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The documentation was published by Companies House on Wednesday, April 17, and listed the “United States” as the “New Country/State Usually Resident” of “Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex.”

Prince Harry listed the U.S. as his primary residence in new documentation related to his eco-travel venture, Travalyst

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Although the documentation was filed this week, the date listed for the change in his primary residence was June 29, 2023, which coincides with the date the Buckingham Palace confirmed the Sussexes had left Frogmore Cottage.

Royal experts suggested that Prince Harry felt “deeply wounded” after his father, Prince Charles, asked them to vacate Frogmore Cottage, a property gifted to the Sussexes by Queen Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

Now that he has officially changed his primary residence to the U.S., the date being backtracked to coincide with the time the couple officially left Frogmore Cottage appeared to some royal watchers as a deliberate gesture, underscoring the depth of his distress and disconnection from the royal establishment.

Prince Harry said earlier this year, “I love my family,” and he noted that he plans to stop by the UK as much as he can

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“As always with Harry a lot can be read into his actions,” Royal author Phil Dampier told The Sun. “Being ousted from Frogmore Cottage wounded him deeply.”

“Charles and William knew it had to be done to emphasize Harry and Meghan were outside The Firm but he probably still thought he could keep a base here. Now he’s shown he accepts his life is in the US,” he added.

Although it was filed this week, the date on the document for the change was listed as June 29, 2023, coinciding with the time they officially moved out of Frogmore Cottage

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Earlier this year, Prince Harry reasserted his love for his family and spoke about rushing back to the UK after his father’s cancer diagnosis.

“I jumped on a plane and went to go see him as soon as I could,” Prince Harry told Good Morning America. “Look, I love my family. The fact that I was able to get on a plane and go and see him and spend any time with him, I’m grateful for that.”

Coming fifth in line for the British throne after his brother, nephews, and niece, Prince Harry said he will “stop in and see [his] family as much as” he can during other trips planned for this year.

The news of Prince Harry’s residency update came in light of his wife facing backlash over the launch of a new product under the lifestyle brand, “American Riviera Orchard.”

The Duchess of Sussex gave the world its first taste of her brand with the unveiling of a new line of homemade strawberry jams. Although it’s not open for sale to the public yet, a number of influencers, socialites, and friends of Meghan received the inaugural item from her range.

Many social media users went “tut tut” over the product label, which appeared to peel off in the pictures, and some even criticized her for the “pretentiousness” of the range.

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People had mixed reactions to the news of Prince Harry changing his primary residence to the U.S., with one saying it was no “big deal,” while others snarked, “He can stay there!”

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