Princess Caraboo: The Imposter That Fooled a Nation

On 3 April 1817, a mysterious woman in her mid-twenties walked into the small English village of Almondsbury in Gloucestershire. She was dressed in a plain black dress with a high muslin collar and a black turban. She appeared to be disoriented and was speaking a language the locals didn’t understand. The woman was visibly exhausted, and she carried with her a small cloth bundle that presumably contained her entire possessions.

The woman was first found by the village cobbler and his wife. Thinking her to be a beggar, they took her to the Overseer of the Poor, a certain Mr. Hill, whose job was to administer poor relief such as money, food and clothing to the poor. Mystified by her strange language, Mr. Hill took her to the local county magistrate, Samuel Worrall, who lived in Knole Park.

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Princess Caraboo

Princess Caraboo. Image credit: Wikimedia


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