Princess Kalina Of Bulgaria Goes Viral For Her New “Unrecognizable” Muscular Physique

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria has shown that she’s not one to skip arm day at the gym.

Kalina, who seldom appears in public, was photographed with her husband, Antonio José “Kitín” Muñoz, and son, Simeon Hassan Munoz, in Sofia, the capital of the southeastern European country.

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After the photos became public, people began commenting on the princess’ incredibly muscular arms.

The 52-year-old has devoted herself to training these past years, but her arm muscles were not always so pronounced, as per the Sloboden Pečat.

The photos were reportedly taken at the funeral ceremony of Tsar Ferdinand I on May 29. The remains of the first tsar of Bulgaria after five centuries of Ottoman rule were repatriated to be buried 76 years after his death.

Princess Kalina of Bulgaria stunned the world by showing off her incredibly muscular arms during an outing with her husband, the Spanish explorer Kitín Muñoz

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Born in Madrid in 1972, the athletic royal is the fifth child and only daughter of Simeon II, the last tsar in Bulgaria, and his wife, Margaret.

In 2002, Kalina tied the knot with Muñoz, a Spanish navigator. Five years later, the couple welcomed their only son, who they named after the princess’ father.

The 52-year-old royal trains daily and eats a balanced diet, her husband said

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People also directed their attention toward Kalina’s nose. While it has been speculated that the princess underwent plastic surgery, her husband put these rumors to rest in 2018 by revealing that her physical transformation was linked to a personal health issue, according to Hola Magazine.

“When she was eight years old, she broke both of her teeth at school. In 1999, while studying art in London, she went to a dentist to get caps, but the dentist drilled too much into the base of the bone,” explained Muñoz.

The athletic princess is known for experimenting with her outfits and makeup looks

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As a result of the dentist’s malpractice, the princess developed an infection that spread to and affected part of her eye, and she had to undergo surgery once more. 

“We had to evacuate her urgently, and she underwent surgery (…). The priority was to clean the infection, but the intervention caused aesthetic damage, which was not important at the time since the vital thing was to save the eye and nose from the infection.

“All the absurd theories about Kalina’s different operations and cosmetic treatments are nothing more than misinformation.”

While Kalina has been exercising for many years, this is the first time she has shown such a drastic transformation in her arms

The princess underwent surgery following dental malpractice that resulted in part of her eye becoming infected

Instead of fueling theories about his wife’s appearance, the noted Spanish explorer prefers to focus on the “excellent physical shape” Princess Kalina is in thanks to “a healthy lifestyle, daily training, and good nutrition.”

People congratulated the “Princess of Bulkgaria” on her toned physique

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