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Ohhhhh Boyyyy!
Yes, so much pimpery going on here, but I am truly excited to finally be getting a store up! It’s been a long process and I know there’s been a lot of requests for T-shirts and prints. We’re starting off with these three designs, but as I make new paintings I’ll be making prints of them, as well as some of the old ones too!!!

If there’s a painting that you’ve always wanted a print of please let me know! Let the RodeoArcade dudes know! Let your mechanic know! Just shout it out! The more demand for an image the easier it is to convince the powers that be to make prints!

And if you’re just content watching my videos then that is more than enough to keep me making them for you. Thanks for all of your suggestions and love!
Doodle on, my dear artists. Doodle on!

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