Privacy Fencing That Appears at the Push of a Button

Polish architect Robert Konieczny and his firm, KWK Promes, were presented with an interesting challenge by a client:

“[The client] wanted to live in a quiet area, on the outskirts of a German village near Bremen. The plot is located in the vicinity of a forest, which became its great asset; however, due to cyclical sports events in the area, the secluded location turns into a place full of random people.”

A privacy fence would spoil the view of the forest; not having a privacy fence would spoil the privacy. Konieczny’s solution was to provide both:

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“The movable, two-part structure on rails with a circular plan has the ability to close and open according to the needs of the residents, independently of each other and in different configurations.”

“This solution can be used for many purposes: it will create an intimate and private zone during increased traffic in the area during sporting events, and will additionally enable the space in front of the house to be protected from wild inhabitants of the nearby forest who visit nearby farms.”

And if you’re wondering about that funky roof:

“The building’s reed roof and whitewashed walls relate to the traditional architecture of the area. The roof structure, fitted with special slots at the top of the roof, makes the whole house act as a chimney, supporting gravity ventilation. The electricity needed to power the house and the sliding wall mechanism will come from photovoltaic panels, further emphasising the energy independence and eco-friendliness of the investment.”

The Open House, as it’s called, is currently under construction.

Source: core77

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