Product Design Student Work: The Flexible-Use Satellight Lam

Now that lighting design no longer needs to contend with accommodating spherical bulbs, there are opportunities to play with form that I’m surprised more designers aren’t taking. But this Satellight project, done by Giulio Grosso, Beatrice Citterio, Lucia Galiotto and Roman Fenske while they were product design students at Italy’s Politecnico di Milano, is a step in the right direction. It’s simply three rectangular LED panels hinged to a triangular piece:

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I think the idea is sound, I just wanted to see more. Surely this could serve as a pendant lamp; and what would a smaller version of this look like as a desk lamp? If it was longer and hinged along the long edges, could it be used as shop lighting with an adjustable spread, casting light into the corners of the room during sweeping, for example? It’s possible the students might have explored and discarded these options, but what you see here is all the documentation I could find.

Source: core77

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